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All about Jackie Robinson

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All about Jackie Robinson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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All about Jackie Robinson. By: Karthik Grade 3 Mrs. McGarry’s Class . AII about J ackie Robinson.

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All about Jackie Robinson

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all about jackie robinson

All about Jackie Robinson

By: Karthik

Grade 3

Mrs. McGarry’sClass

aii about j ackie robinson
AII about Jackie Robinson

Do you know about Jackie Robinson’s life, growing up? Well Jackie was born in a big state Texas and was born in 1919. Jackie’s familywas very poor and they were farmers but in 1919 Jackie’s dad moved to Florida because he didn’t like to be a farmer. In that year, Jackie’s mom MallieRobinson and her 5 children had to move to Georgia because it was hard to be farmers without their dad. When Jackie was young white people would call Jackie ugly names. He was very kind that he would help his mother earn money even if he gave 1 dollar he would be happy. Overall, this was Jackie’s family life

goals and accomplishments
Goals and accomplishments

Jackie Robinson had many great accomplishments that athletes have like him. Jackie played great baseball, that was one of his favorite sports. When he was in high school his team won every game but tied against three games in one year. At UCLA Jackie was the first person to get a letter in 4 sports. That means he did a very good thing in those sports. Jackie is remembered because he was an athlete and the first African American to be a professional baseball player. In conclusion Jackie was an amazing athlete and had many accomplishments.

interesting facts about jackie robinson
Interesting facts about Jackie Robinson

Do you want to know some interesting facts about Jackie Robinson ?Well his whole family played sports just like him .Jackie worried about his mother so much that he skipped college to help his mother earn money .when Jackie was in college his friend introduced him to Rachel Isum and soon they married Overall these are some interesting facts about Jackie Robinson.


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