Virginia cancer registry 2007 update
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Virginia Cancer Registry 2007 Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virginia Cancer Registry 2007 Update. Fredericksburg, VA October 3, 2007. Acknowledgements. We thank the 2008 VCRA meeting committee for all its efforts in working with VCR staff to organize this day. These hard-working people have done a great job!

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Virginia cancer registry 2007 update l.jpg

Virginia Cancer Registry2007 Update

Fredericksburg, VA

October 3, 2007

Acknowledgements l.jpg

  • We thank the 2008 VCRA meeting committee for all its efforts in working with VCR staff to organize this day. These hard-working people have done a great job!

  • The VCR meeting is partially supported by CDC National Program of Cancer Registries cooperative agreement funds. (U58 – DP000780-01)

Virginia Cancer Registry

Learning objectives l.jpg
Learning Objectives

  • Introduce VCR personnel

  • Introduce VCR training plans

  • Discuss 2004 NAACCR certification

  • Present 2000 – 2004 incidence data

  • Experts will discuss:

    • The American Cancer Society and it’s role (Judy Walrath, Ph.D.)

    • The American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer: program updates (Richard Glazier, MD)

    • National Cancer Registrars Association updates and plans (Melanie Rogan, CTR)

  • The new VCR reporters’ manual (Jayne Holubowsky, CTR)

  • VCR reporting procedures and Q & A (Training and Quality Assurance staff)

  • Virginia Cancer Registry

    Vcr staffing news l.jpg
    VCR Staffing News

    • Since last year at this time, VCR filled 3 Cancer Surveillance Specialist positions and the Training and Development Coordinator position.

    • VCR is trying to fill 1 Cancer Surveillance Specialist and 1 statistical position.

    • The state hiring slow down means filling the position will take time.

      We have come a long way in one year.

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Vcr staff i l.jpg
    VCR Staff I

    • Jim Martin, Ph.D., Director

    • Bonita Bryant, CTR, Quality Assurance Coordinator

    • Carolyn Halbert, MPH, Statistical Analysis Coordinator

    • Jayne Holubowsky, CTR, Training and Development Coordinator

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Vcr staff ii l.jpg
    VCR Staff II

    • Michael Bowman, CTR, Cancer Surveillance Specialist

    • Mary Dianne Collins, CTR, Cancer Surveillance Specialist

    • Tina Hall, Cancer Surveillance Specialist

    • James Newton, Cancer Surveillance Specialist

    • Mike Peyton, CTR, Cancer Surveillance Specialist

    • Dave Kuzminski, Office Services and Special Projects, Death Clearance

    • Velma Allen, Office Services Specialist

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Vcr certification 2004 data l.jpg
    VCR Certification, 2004 Data

    North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)

    • Certifies central registries

    • Measures quality, completeness, and timeliness

    • VCR quality measures were all that the gold level

    • Case ascertainment: over 95% of expected, state-wide cases (gold level)

    • Death certificate only cases: less than 5% of all cases (silver level)

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Vcr certification 2004 data8 l.jpg
    VCR Certification, 2004 Data

    • Every one worked hard to achieve NAACCR certification.

    • The keys: cooperation and collaboration.

    • The quality of your work has improved steadily.

    • VCR quality also improved.

      Thank all of you for helping VCR achieve this major goal!

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Vcr funding l.jpg
    VCR Funding

    • VCR receives operating funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    • The registry also receives funds from the CDC National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR).

    • VCR applied or new CDC funding this year and CDC awarded the money.

    • 2007 – 2008 is the first year in a new cooperative agreement. The funding will last until 2012.

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Vcr training plans l.jpg
    VCR Training Plans

    • Tentative plans for regional reporter workshops:

      • Held in various locations across Virginia.

      • One day, morning and afternoon.

      • Free or minimal cost (to cover lunch & breaks, if necessary).

      • Will ask NCRA to provide CEU’s.

      • May ask hospitals to provide meeting space.

      • One topic will be advanced training in multiple histologies and primaries.

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    New vcr reporter s manual l.jpg
    New VCR Reporter’s Manual

    • Developed using FORDS as basis.

    • Customized for Virginia.

    • Provided on CD.

    • Posted on VCR web site.

    • Multiple appendices to answer common questions.

    • A useful tool for hospitals and non-hospitals.

    • Provides standards for data coding and reporting.

      Jayne Holubowsky will introduce it this afternoon

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Death dates l.jpg
    Death Dates

    • Virginia law and disease reporting regulations do not prohibit VCR from releasing patient dates of death.

    • Therefore, VCR will resume providing dates of death to registries.

    • VCR will provide dates of death to the hospitals that provided the patient report.

    • We hope this will help with your followup.

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Secure web site development l.jpg
    Secure Web Site Development

    • Needed for transferring encrypted, HIPAA-compliant data. (Other methods are still compliant.)

    • Virginia Department of Health (VDH) IT staff are evaluating secure web site products for encrypted data transfer (upload and download).

    • Development is delayed because VDH will develop an agency-wide system to include multiple diseases, not only cancer.

    • We understand the real need to use this method, but development is out of our hands. (Please be patient.)

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Points to remember l.jpg
    Points to Remember

    • VCR plans to train and support you are developing.

    • We reached NAACCR certification again, with your help and dedication to quality work.

    • VCR staffing has returned to a better level, helping us and helping you.

    • We face challenges instituting secure data transfer.

    Virginia Cancer Registry

    Slide15 l.jpg

    Please fill out the VCR evaluation form in your packet.Return it at the end of the day in the announced location.Thank you and enjoy the day!