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Doctoral training plan clinic. What is a DTP? When should it be written? What is it used for? How do i write it ?. What is a doctoral training plan?. A job well-planned is a job half done. The DTP is your personal roadmap. By definition, research is a journey into the unknown.

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Doctoral training plan clinic

Doctoral training plan clinic

What is a DTP?

When should it be written?

What is it used for?

How do i write it?

What is a doctoral training plan
What is a doctoral training plan?

A job well-planned is a job half done

The dtp is your personal roadmap
The DTP is your personal roadmap

By definition, research is a journey into the unknown.

The planned route may, or not, need to be revised after each stage.

Define and plan each stage of the journey as well as it is possible to do so.

Explore the possibility of alternative routes (you may need to take them).

The DTP is a living document that needs continual updating.

Your DTP describes the most efficient way to get from the point of departure to your destination with the information and resources currently available.

Evaluate risks, but don’t waste time trying to predict the unpredictable !

C ontent of the dtp
Content of the DTP

General information

You, the degree, overall schedule, supervision, follow-up and funding – updated whenever changes occur.

Career development plan

What do you want to do later? What are you doing, and planning to do, in order to achieve the goal ? – updated as the plans become clearer.

Research plan

Describes the doctoral research work to be undertaken– updated as the research progresses

Study plan

Complements the research and career development plans – updated every year

Progress reports

Describe the progress of the research and studies, and summarize the plans for the upcoming year. At the end of the training, the progress reports should reflect the final version of the plans - updated at least once every year.

The components of the dtp complement each other
The components of the DTP complement each other

The two most important elements of the DTP are:

  • The research – it can help define and shape your career goals;

  • Your career goals – they can influence the direction of the research.

    The study plan should:

  • reinforce your research work and knowledge of the field;

  • contribute to the development of the skills required for your career.

    The progress reports:

  • put the completed work in its correct context and, thus,

  • keep track of the overall progress of the doctoral training relative to the goals announced in the plan;

  • help to identify and prioritize the tasks that remain to be done.

When should the dtp be written
When should the DTP be written ?

The first version of the DTP should be written as early as possible during the training: at the latest, the first viable version must be submitted within one year after the start of the training.

It ensures that the researcher fully understands:

  • The idea behind the research;

  • The context and goals of the research;

  • The nature, scope and schedule of the work to be undertaken;

  • The approach and methods to be used to get the research moving towards the goals;

  • The importance of the work in the context of his/her career development.

What is the dtp used for
What is the DTP used for ?

The DTP can be one of the most useful tools for keeping you and your training on track.

It is written for you, your supervisory team and your follow-up group.

The research plan section is a simplified version of an application for research funding from the Academy of Finland; simple editing of a well-written plan can rapidly make it suitable for other funding agencies.

Remember also: the acceptance of the DTP by UniOGS is not only an obligatory requirement for the doctoral degree, but it is also the principal condition for the salary level 1 – level 2 transition (+ 200 €/month).

Importance of the dtp
Importance of the DTP

To make competitive applications for funding, you must be able to convince the funder that you have the best project that has the best chances of succeeding.

To get more funding from the same funder, you have to convince the funder that you have done exactly what you promised to do in the previous application (even if you didn’t reach all the goals).

The preparation of the DTP and the annual progress reports provides a perfect training opportunity for this – exploit it !!!!

In the real world, only the best plans producing the best results will get funding.

Excellent projects are often rejected due to poor communication skills

How to write the dtp
How to write the DTP

The template for the DTP can be found on the UniOGS web pages

Guidelines for what should be included in the plan can be found on the UniOGS web pages

The front page

Part i general information1
Part I: General information

  • 2. Supervision / Ohjaus

Part i general information2
Part I: General information

  • 3. Doctoral training follow-up group / Seurantaryhmä

Part i general information3
Part I: General information


Part ii career development plan
Part II: Career development plan

  • Career goals / Uratavoitteet

  • --

  • Career development plan / Urakehityssuunnitelma

  • --

Part iii research plan
Part III: Research plan

You may:

  • Either use the template provided

  • Or make your own document

    In all cases, you should make sure that all relevant information is provided and is up to date.

    Guidelines for what should be included in the plan can be found on the UniOGS web pages

Part iv study plan
Part IV: Study plan

The study plan is made in Oodi

Oodi-PSP / Oodi-HOPS

This should be the easiest part, because the study requirements have already been defined for you.

Unfortunately, it is the part where most of you will be very frustrated, confused and …

encounter problems;

  • No courses

  • Validity of course levels

  • Confusion over ”field-specific” & ”General & transferable skills”

A word about the annual reports
A word about the annual reports

The report summarizes the story of your progress towards your goals.

The progress (main results of the research and milestones reached) and its significance to the announced goals should be clear without having to refer to documents.

It is not sufficient to write:

”Progressing according to plan”, or ”The results are published in…”.

The evaluator might be too ”busy” to search through your plan and publication, and he/she controls the access to the funds you need !!