resumes interviews and your dream job n.
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Resumes, Interviews, and Your Dream Job!!!

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Resumes, Interviews, and Your Dream Job!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resumes, Interviews, and Your Dream Job!!!. Motlow State Community College Post Grad 101 Event – Fayetteville Center. The BEST Job Interview EVER!!!. Here is a great strategy to “MAX” your interview…simply eliminate the competition!. Section 1.

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resumes interviews and your dream job

Resumes, Interviews, and Your Dream Job!!!

Motlow State Community College

Post Grad 101 Event – Fayetteville Center

the best job interview ever
The BEST Job Interview EVER!!!
  • Here is a great strategy to “MAX” your interview…simply eliminate the competition!
what is the career search process
What is the Career Search Process?
  • The process involves:
    • Researching a job posting or opening
    • Preparing your resume, cover letter, and references pages
    • Preparing for a job interview
    • Successfully completing your interview!
why does it matter
Why Does it Matter?
  • You and your generation are going to be pursuing careers in a work environment that is greatly evolved from what has been “the norm.”
  • You have to work very hard to differentiate yourself
  • Companies are looking more closely at new hires and seeking ones that will provide ideal fit and significant value to their company
how can i be prepared
How Can I Be Prepared?
  • Do your research
  • Do your “homework”
  • “Brand” yourself
  • Match your resume information to the key characteristics employers are seeking
  • Show how you have contributed value to previous positions or how you have learned to contribute value through your experiences
  • Practice, practice, PRACTICE for the interview!
what is a resume
What is a Resume?
  • Boston College tells us that a resume:
    • A resume is a summary of your experiences and skills relevant to the field of work you are entering.
    • It highlights your accomplishments to show a potential employer that you are qualified for the work you want. It is not a biography of everything you have done.
    • A resume can (and often should) reflect more than just your paid work experience. Current students, in particular, should consider including the details of your more important extracurricular, volunteer, and leadership experiences.
    • Its purpose is to get you an interview.


make it applicable
Make it Applicable!
  • Make your resume fit the job description
    • Research the position, and develop your resume based on qualifications desired
  • Use relevant bullet points
  • STAR – be it, think it
content adding the good stuff
Content - Adding the “Good Stuff”
  • Objective (Branding Statement, Mission Statement, Purpose)
    • The objective BRIEFLY tells an employer who you are, summarizes the skills you offer, and shows how they can be related to the position
  • Summary (Notables)
    • Your time to SHINE! You want to create two or three major bullet points that showcase a diversity of your best accomplishments or features
  • Education
    • Include your degree, school, major, date, school address, and maybe your GPA
more good stuff
More Good Stuff!
  • Experience
    • Job and volunteer experience should be included here in order of relevance. Don’t just list duties – quantify achievements and use “BAM” words to make them stand out
  • Skills
    • List skills that you have and that you are proficient in. This is also a great place to include any special training or certifications you have received as a result of training
  • Honors/Awards
    • Eagle Scout, Girl Scout Gold Award, Scholarship Awards, “Who’s Who”
  • Memberships or Activities
    • PSLI, Phi Theta Kappa, Sports Teams and Intramurals
other elements
Other Elements
  • References:
    • How many should you have?
    • Reference Etiquette – Let them know!!!
  • Cover Letter:
    • Summarizes why you are a great fit for the position. It should “sell” the employer on giving you an interview
tying the package together
Tying the Package Together
  • Your final job application “packet” should include a cover letter, resume, and references page
  • Before you send:
    • Print all your documents on a high quality resume paper
    • Make sure they are consistent (think IMC)
    • Don’t fold ‘em! Get a bigger envelope
the origins of the job interview
The Origins of the Job Interview
  • As we begin, its important to understand where this process came from…
they want to meet you
They Want to Meet You!
  • Keep in mind that a job interview isn’t just for the benefit of the employer
  • A job interview is a mutual exchange of information between both parties
  • Don’t see this as a moment when you are on the spot – don’t be nervous – PREPARE!
dress for success
Dress for Success
  • Interviews are definitely about first impressions
  • Its better to slightly over-dress than under-dress – play it safe
  • NO JEANS!!!...........EVER!!!
top interview questions to be prepared for
Top Interview Questions to Be Prepared For
  • “Tell me about yourself.”
    • A VERY common question that usually starts the interview. (hint: they do not want to hear your whole life’s story)
top interview questions to be prepared for1
Top Interview Questions to Be Prepared For
  • “What is your greatest weakness?”
    • There are two ways people usually approach this question – admitting to a “fake weakness” or saying they don’t have one
    • Select an area in your life that you have been working to develop – explain how you have made improvements
top interview questions to be prepared for2
Top Interview Questions to Be Prepared For
  • “Why should I hire you?”
    • Think of an interview as a sales call – YOU have to close the sale!
    • When an employer asks you this, be prepared to summarize why you are the best fit for the job
    • Communicate to them directly that you want the position
top interview questions to be prepared for3
Top Interview Questions to Be Prepared For
  • “Do you have any questions for us?”
    • Remember, an interview is about a mutual exchange of information
    • You should ALWAYS ask questions
    • Write them down inside your pad-folio before the interview
    • Refer back to these questions and combine them with any that may have arisen during the interview
be prepared and confident
Be Prepared and Confident
  • It pays to do your homework!
    • You will interview more confidently
  • The day before your interview
    • Make sure you have all of your interview attire prepped
    • Print extra copies of your resume and any materials you plan to bring
    • If you have never been to the location before, find it in advance
    • Get plenty of sleep!
now go prove you have what they need
…Now Go Prove You Have What They Need!
  • The day of the interview
    • Eat a good breakfast
    • Bring some water with you
    • Relax
    • Be confident
    • Tell yourself you can do it!
    • Smile! It can make all the difference
    • Arrive about 15 minutes early to the interview
make the best of whatever comes your way
Make the Best of Whatever Comes Your Way!
  • You don’t want this to be you!
  • Sometimes, even with the best preparation, things won’t go according to plan – make the best of them!
in the end its worth it
In the End, its Worth it!
  • The job search and interview process is not easy – they require a significant investment of your time and effort
  • In the end, you are making an investment in your future – it will be WORTH IT!
that s all folks

Thank you for listening!!!

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