recording publishing and watching videos on the internet n.
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Recording , publishing and watching videos on the internet PowerPoint Presentation
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Recording , publishing and watching videos on the internet

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Recording , publishing and watching videos on the internet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recording , publishing and watching videos on the internet. How to become martin scorsese in two hours. Let’s take an overall look at the process. Some student videos. (use water carefully )

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recording publishing and watching videos on the internet

Recording, publishing and watching videos onthe internet

Howtobecomemartinscorsese in twohours.

some student videos
Somestudent videos.... (use watercarefully) (haiku) (Samework, samepay) (bullying)

1 join a video sharing platform of your choice
1. Join a video-sharingplatform of yourchoice.

first of all be prepared
First of all: Be Prepared!
  • Know how the camera/device you are using works (picture – video mode / how to view on camera / how (not) to erase files / optimum file format for internet / uploading files onto your computer (know where they are stored) etc…)
  • Make sure the batteries are charged / you have enough power to film what you have to (have extra batteries/charger if needed)
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need when going to class (tripod stand if necessary, etc…)
  • Do short trial recording and play it back to make sure the camera/device works properly before using it in class (do this as close to the moment of recording as possible)
  • Try and have back-up option (other camera/device) if possible
3 uploading the video from camera to computer to youtube
3. Uploadingthe video: from camera tocomputertoyoutube.

1. Uploadyour film toyourcomputer (usuallybyusb)

2. Log ontoyoutube and clickonProfileImage.

4 uploading from a mobile device
4. Uploadingfrom a mobiledevice.

Mostmobiledevicessuch as smartphonesortabletsnormallyletyouuploadtoyoutubedirectlyfromthedevice. Itismuchquickerthantheprocesswehavejustseen.


Record your film. Let’s use theiPad as anexample. Whenyouhaverecorded, clickonthearrowicon ion the top right-handcorner.

5 adding information limiting access
5. Addinginformation & limitingaccess.

FromComputer: Click in ‘Video Manager’

Clickon ‘Edit’

6 publish in other sites click on share and choose site or get embed link
6. Publish in othersites. Clickon ‘share’ and choosesiteorget ‘embed’ link.