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Marines. By Drew Davis Surprise inside, guess what's inside. A physical description. The marines are really wet and, yes I know you know its wet. It is under water. It is flourished with plants. The climate and temperature.

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By Drew Davis

Surprise inside, guess what's inside

a physical description
A physical description
  • The marines are really wet and, yes I know you know its wet. It is under water. It is flourished with plants.
the climate and temperature
The climate and temperature
  • The temperature is 21.6 Degrees Celsius in the summer. It is 18 Degrees Celsius in the winter. The climate is, yes very wavy and wet. Oh, if you could see it.
  • Wow, the precipitation here, its just a beauty. I mean there is no precipatation.
10 biotic
10 biotic
  • I spy with my little eye a Bull shark, a swordfish, a starfish, a Dolphin, a whale, A clownfish, a great white shark, kelp, A squid. Spy them!!!!!!!!
10 abiotics
10 abiotics
  • I spy with my little eye sunlight, water, a dead fish, sand, soil, rocks, waste, under water volcanoes, waves, trenches.
5 animals
5 animals
  • The shark, whale, dolphin, sea star, clam are common sea life.
5 plants
5 plants
  • Kelp, sea grass, anemone, coral, sea flowers are common under water plants.
5 interesting facts
5 interesting facts
  • Oceans are the biggest part of the world.
  • Over 5,000,000 species live there.
  • Oil leaks kill many fish in the ocean
  • Many fish in the ocean die from other human impacts trash dumping.
  • The ocean is deeper than we can imagine.
impacts of humans
Impacts of humans
  • When there is an oil spill many animals lose there homes and die. Many have already died. The people that cause the impact also help clean up their mess.
abiotic and biotic interaction
Abiotic and Biotic interaction
  • Abiotics and biotics interact by helping biotics breathe when they are warmed by the sun. Waves can wash jellyfish on the beach, and kill them.
here is a game for you
Here is a game for you!!!!

Here how it works: You spot the fish, if you point out a shark you lose points.

Shark -1 point

Fish +1

Small fish +5