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Discovering Alabama

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Discovering Alabama

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Discovering Alabama

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  1. Discovering Alabama Created By Jessica Dennis 4th Grade Hamilton Elementary

  2. Bell Ringer Which of the following is not something an archaeologist would not study? • Dinosaurs • Spears • Arrows • Ancient buildings

  3. Essential Question What were the reasons for European exploration? What was the impact of Europeans on the health of Native Americans? What are the reasons for conflicts between Europeans and Native Americans in Alabama?

  4. Essential Vocabulary • navigator • conquistador • cartographer • melding Which navigator do you think the book means?

  5. Use your Forecasting #1 Talent to think of reasons why they would call it the New World. Discovering Alabama Explorers called America the “New World”. Christopher Columbus discovered the “New World” first in 1492, but they didn’t name it after him. After an explorer, named Amerigo Vespucci, discovered it in 1499, cartographers, or map makers, named it America in his honor. How many years later did Amerigo discover the “New World”?

  6. The Spanish Alonzo de Pineda Was a conquistador, or a Spanish explorer. In 1519 he entered Mobile Bay with four ships. He saw Indian villages and a deep river flowing into the bay.

  7. The SpanishPanfilo de Narveazwas a conquistador, or a Spanish explorer also. The conquistador, Panfilo de Pineda, set sail for Florida in 1528 with six hundred men. One of his men, Juan Ortiz, was captured and lived with the Indians for years. Many of his boats sank and over half of his men died. 200 200 200 How many are left if half of his men died? Use your Communication #2 Talent to generate m, v, single words to describe how Juan Ortiz felt when he was captured by the Indians.

  8. The Spanish in Alabama The Spanish were mean to the Indians and the Indians were forced to be their servants. Horses were new sights for the Indians and they were afraid of the horses

  9. The Spanish The Spanish came to the “New World” in search of gold and silver. They found it in Mexico and South America, but not in Alabama. We know all this information because of the journals of Hernando de Soto from his expedition. Alabama’s history begins with de Soto’s journals…

  10. Three Cultures in Alabama Alabama was influenced by Europeans, or people from Europe, Africans, and the Indian culture. These three cultures, were melding, or combining together, into one large culture.

  11. Exit Slip • When did Columbus discover the New World? 2. Who was Amerigo Vespucci? 3. Why did the Spanish come to the New World?

  12. Discovering Alabama II Created By Jessica Dennis Hamilton Elementary School 4th Grade

  13. Bell Ringer Who was the Spanish explorer that cartographers named America after? • Christopher Columbus • Alonzo de Pineda • Amerigo Vespucci • Panfilode Narvaez

  14. Essential Question What are the reasons for conflicts between Europeans and Native Americans in Alabama? What was the impact of Europeans on the health of Native Americans?

  15. Essential Vocabulary immortal devastating tuberculosis immunity

  16. Why would de Soto need an interpreter? What state do you think “La Florida” is? Hernando de SotoThe Spanish Governor of Cuba He organized a large group of men and boats to explore La Florida. He brought many things with him including pigs. Ortiz could speak Indian languages so he became de Soto’s interpreter. Hernando de Soto When de Soto arrived in Florida, he saved Juan de Ortiz. (Remember him from earlier?) Use your Productive Thinking Talent to generate m, v, u, items you would bring with you to explore the New World. Juan de Ortiz

  17. Why do you think it’s called the “entrance”? Hernando de Soto What do you think de Soto was looking for? De Soto’s trip across the Southeast is called the entrada, or entrance. He was looking for gold and silver. What do you call this symbol? He never found it. But he did find pearls! Mobile! What states did de Soto travel through? What states did he travel through?

  18. Hernando de Soto Marches On De Soto was not discouraged! He kept on exploring until he met Chief Tuskaloosa. Chief Tuskaloosa’s name meant “Black Warrior” in Choctaw. Chief Tuskaloosa was tall and well built. When de Soto met Tuskaloosa the chief was sitting on high cushions. Hmm, does that name sound familiar to you? He was wearing a cloak of feathers that reached down to his feet. Do you know the name of the river named after him? An Indian stood behind him waving a fan of plumes.

  19. Chief Tuskaloosa and de Soto Meet Using your Productive Thinking Talent generate M, V, U, adjectives to describe Chief Tuskaloosa.

  20. De Soto vs. Tuskaloosa De Soto wanted some Indians to carry his provisions, or supplies. Tuskaloosa said, “No way!” and de Soto took him hostage. Chief Tuskaloosa changed his mind and told de Soto that he would help him if he came to his village of Maubila. Predict what you think will happen next.

  21. Let’s use our Productive Thinking Talent to design an Indian village with a palisade. Maubila Village Maubila was surrounded by a high wall made of tree poles. The Spanish called this a palisade. Well, Chief Tuskaloosa had a trick up his sleeve. He went inside a house and refused to come out. Suddenly, the Indians started to sing and dance loudly and then they attacked the Spanish.

  22. The Indians Attack! Archaeologists have never been able to find the village of Maubila. The Indian arrows and spears could not pierce the Spanish armor. During the fight Chief Tuskaloosa disappeared and they never found his body… De Soto lost 42 men in this war and the pearls he found on his expedition.

  23. Battle of Maubila The Spanish were badly injured so they stayed in Maubila to heal and bury their dead. When they got better they continued on their expedition… but, bad news was ahead.

  24. Battle of Maubila The Spanish made the Indians believe he was immortal, or could not be killed. De Soto became ill and died. They buried him in the Mississippi River so that the Indians wouldn’t find his body. What does that red line represent on the map?

  25. Don Tristan de Luna Don Tristan de Luna landed in Mobile Bay looking for all that de Soto had found. He was unsuccessful. His boats were sank by a hurricane and the Indians didn’t welcome him and his men.

  26. Don Tristan de Luna When the Spanish came, they also brought devastating, or badly hurting, diseases. The Indians didn’t have any immunity to the diseases, like measles, mumps, small pox, and tuberculosis. Thousands of Indians fell ill and died. Whole villages disappeared.

  27. Exit Slip • What did Hernando de Soto bring on his expedition? • Why did Juan Ortiz become de Soto’s interpreter? • What is an entrada? 4. Describe Chief Tuskaloosa as he looked when de Soto and his men met him. • Why did de Soto take Chief Tuskaloosa hostage? • Who lost more men at Maubila?