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Open Grid Computing Environments collab-ogce

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Open Grid Computing Environments collab-ogce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Open Grid Computing Environments Marlon Pierce (IU) & Gopi Kandaswamy (RENCI). OGCE Software. A bundled set of JSR 168 compatible portlets and services for building Grid portals (“Science Gateways”). Build with GridSphere. Can will work with uPortal.

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open grid computing environments www collab ogce org

Open Grid Computing

Marlon Pierce (IU)


Gopi Kandaswamy (RENCI)

ogce software
OGCE Software
  • A bundled set of JSR 168 compatible portlets and services for building Grid portals (“Science Gateways”).
    • Build with GridSphere.
    • Can will work with uPortal.
    • Sakai has new JSR 168 Container
    • Others possible
  • Porltets include
    • GT2 and GT4 GRAM Job submission
    • GridFTP file transfer
    • GPIR clients (can work with Teragrid, for example)
    • PURSe grid registration system.
    • Condor
    • MyProxy credential management
    • Miscellaneous (Iframes)
supporting grid portlet development
Supporting Grid Portlet Development
  • Portlets are built using the Java COG 4’s abstraction layer (developed as part of the project).
    • Hides the difference between Globus versions
  • We have developed a set of JSF Tag Libraries to simplify Grid portlet development.
  • We support JSR 168 Velocity for historical interest.
some ogce portal collaborations
Some OGCE Portal Collaborations
  • RENCI TeraGrid BioPortal
  • LEAD Portal
  • TeraGrid User Portal
  • TeraGrid Visualization Portal
  • CIMA Crystallography Portal
  • VLAB Portal Project
  • Numerous other projects that come and go:
    • PittGrid Portal, UNC-Charlotte Visualization Portal, DES and LSST Astronomy Portals, IU System Portals
future directions 1 3
Future Directions (1/3)
  • General Trend: we want to align with TeraGrid Science Gateways efforts.
  • User logging and reporting
    • Par of TG User Portal now
    • Generate reports such as
      • Top 10 users of the portal,
      • Most frequently used applications and the average response times of each
      • Applications used by individual users.
  • Auditing and accounting
    • Modified GRAM client and server running on TG
    • Provide the user with a list of submitted workflows and jobs along with allocation used totals per workflow and job.
    • Associated portlets
  • Enhanced GPIR capabilities (including MDS data)
  • Predictor portlets (with NWS) (see TG User Portal)
future directions 2 3
Future Directions (2/3)
  • Better support for computational experiments.
  • Generic Service Toolkit (Gopi will describe).
  • Other tools (adapted from the LEAD project)
    • Experimental builder portlets
    • Metadata management services for tracking and storing all aspects of a workflow.
future directions 3 3
Future Directions (3/3)
  • We need better packaging.
    • Currently use Maven 1 with some strategic Ant and shell scripts.
  • Some improvements:
    • More customizable: just download and build what you want
      • Ensuring all dependencies are met
    • Smaller download footprint
  • Maven 2 can do some of these things but it has reliability issues
    • You have to download dozens and dozens of jar files to build your initial repository.
    • Typically doesn’t work 100% the first time.
future directions 4 3
Future Directions (4/3)
  • We need to consider “Web 2.0” approaches for Science Gateways.
  • See general material from Monday’s workshop.
  • These are in general compatible with SOA (assuming build your services correctly).
  • But the implication on portals/gateways should be dramatic.
  • We have to decide how much we can shoe-horn into the JSR 168/286 specs.