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My ABC Book of U.S. History PowerPoint Presentation
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My ABC Book of U.S. History

My ABC Book of U.S. History

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My ABC Book of U.S. History

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  1. My ABC Book of U.S. History Jacob Qualls 5th period 5-12-11

  2. A Annex-Added territory to ones property Ambush-surpriseattack Arsenal-storage facility for weapons and ammunition

  3. B Boycott-refuse to by a certain product Backcountry-region of hills and forests west of tidewater Burgesses-elected representatives to an assembly

  4. C Cabinet-group of advisors to the president Canal-artificial waterway Caravel-small, fast ship with broad bows

  5. D Depreciate-fall in value Debtor-person that owes money to someone or government Diversity-variety

  6. E Emancipation-to free someone from slavery Effigy-rag figure representing unpopular individual Embargo-order prohibiting trade with other countries

  7. f Federalists-supporters of constitution Freedman-person freed from slavery Frigate-small warship

  8. g Genocide- destruction of racial, political, or cultural group Greenback-U.S. paper money first issued in north Guerrilla tactics-referring to surprise attacks

  9. H Human rights- rights regarding to belong to all people Horizontal interrogation-combining combining competing firms into one Habeas corpus-legal order to lawfully imprison a person

  10. Import-to buy goods from a foreign market Impressments -forcing people into service Iron clad-armored naval vessel

  11. J Jackson,Andrew-7th president of U.S. James the first-king of England Jefferson,Thomas-3rd president of U.S.

  12. K Kansas, bleeding-riot in Kansas lasting 4 days Keys, Francis Scott-wrote national anthem Keel boat-small row boat

  13. L Literacy-ability to read and write Landslide-overwhelming victory Lynching-putting a person to death by illegal actions

  14. Manumission-free people from enslavement Mission-religious settlement Majority-more than half

  15. Naturalization-full citizenship to a foreigner Nullify-to cancel Neutral-taking no side in conflict

  16. Offensive-position of attacking Ordinance-a law Override-to overrule or defeat

  17. Partism-favoring one side Precedent-a tradition Petition-formal request

  18. Quakers- people tolerant of other religions Quebec act—permits government for Quebec and free religion to the French Quechua-Incan language

  19. Ranchero- Mexican ranch owners Ratify- official approval Repeal-to cancel an act

  20. Sectionalism-loyalty to region Secede-to leave a nation Suffrage-right to vote

  21. Tariff-tax on imported and exported goods Tejano -Mexican who claim Texas as home Tribute-money paid for protection

  22. Unconstitutional-not agreeing with the constitution Unalienable rights-rights that cannot be taken away Utopia-community based on perfect society

  23. Vaquero- Hispanic ranch hand Veto-to reject act Vigilantes-people who take law into their own hands

  24. War of 1812-2nd war between U.S. and G.B. Writ of assistance-legal document to search a house War hawks-republican who press for war

  25. Xyz affair-three agent demanded loan from America

  26. Yankee-union solider Yorktown ,Virginia -end of American revolution Yellow journalism-type of false journalism

  27. Zenger , John Peter-reporter for new weekly journal