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Adolf Hitler PowerPoint Presentation
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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adolf Hitler. Germany. dictatorship. Nazis. Benito Mussolini. Italy . Fascism: Extreme nationalism and racism What happened to Ethiopia? “God & history will remember your judgment. It is us today and it will be you tomorrow.”. Joseph Stalin. Soviet Union. Communism:

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Adolf Hitler

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    1. Adolf Hitler Germany dictatorship Nazis

    2. Benito Mussolini Italy Fascism: Extreme nationalism and racism What happened to Ethiopia? “God & history will remember your judgment. It is us today and it will be you tomorrow.”

    3. Joseph Stalin Soviet Union Communism: Dictatorship’s control

    4. Neville Chamberlin Great Britain

    5. Neutrality Act 1935-1937 Banned the sale of weapons to nations at war.

    6. Hitler’s Journey… Rhineland Austria Sudetenland and Czechoslavakia Poland

    7. Munich Conference… Britain and France agreed to turn the Sudetenland over to Hitler to appease him. (to give in)

    8. What happened in 1939? Germany and Russia signed the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact. Agreement with the Soviet Union and Germany not to interfere with each others’ expansion.

    9. Japan launched an attack on the province of Manchuria in northeastern China. Three years later Japan signed a pact of alliance known as the Axis with Germany & Italy.

    10. Section 2: War Begins

    11. blitzkrieg?? lightning war

    12. Maginot Line??? A string of steel and concrete bunkers along the German border from Belgium to Switzerland.

    13. Hitler’s journey continues… Poland Denmark Norway Netherlands Belgium Paris, France

    14. Port of Dunkirk… Where was it??? • English Channel • German advancement • Troops trapped between advancing German troops and coast of France • 800 British ships, ferries, warships,fishing boats • 300,000 French/British saved

    15. Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, Japan

    16. Battle of Britain August 1940 Germany begins bombing British shipyards, industries, and cities.

    17. “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” by Winston Churchill

    18. C H U R C H I L L Germany turns their sight on the Soviet Union.

    19. RAF British Royal Air Force

    20. America First Committee Isolationists – C. Lindbergh & H. Ford

    21. FDR asked Congress for a: New Neutrality Act that allowed the U.S. to sell weapons on a “cash-and-carry” basis

    22. FDR runs for a 3rd term – promises “Your boys are not going to be sent to any foreign wars”.

    23. Lend-Lease Act 1941 Allowed America to sell, lend, or lease arms or other war supplies to any nation considered “vital to the defense of the U.S.” Germans were sinking ships with supplies from the U.S.

    24. Atlantic Charter August 1941 President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill met to set goals for the “final destruction of the Nazi tyranny.” They pledged that the people of every nation would be free to choose their own form of government

    25. Disarmament: Giving up military weapons

    26. The Japanese Threat… • After the fall of France in 1940, Japan seized control of: • Indochina, once owned by France • Planned to take British Malaya • Dutch East Indies • American territory of the Philippines • (needed rubber and oil from these • areas)

    27. How did the U.S. respond to Japan’s economic expansion??? *Stopped sale of oil, gasoline, & other natural resources. *Froze assets in banks

    28. Japan Prime Minister Tojo

    29. What happened on Sunday December 7, 1941 at 7:55 am??? *2,300 killed *hundreds of planes destroyed *battleships destroyed Pearl harbor!!!

    30. President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Germany… Dec. 11 Germany declares war on U.S. We declare war on Germany

    31. Allied Power: U.S. Great Britain France China Soviet Union Axis Powers: Germany Japan Italy

    32. Section 3 “War Begins”

    33. WACS – Women Army Corps *Volunteer emergency service *Nurses *Clerical *Not In Combat!!!

    34. Converted industries to war production!!! War Production Board

    35. Office of Price Administration Limited consumer prices National War Labor Board Resolved labor disputes that might slow down production.

    36. Revenue Act of 1942: Raised corporate taxes and required nearly all Americans to pay an income tax

    37. Wartime America • Items built: • 70,000 ships • 100,000 tanks & • planes • Millions of guns

    38. Wartime America…. • People planted victory gardens… • Children collected scrap metal • Spotters scanned the skies for enemy aircraft • Coastal cities enforced blackouts at night so that lights would not serve as a beacon to enemy pilots

    39. Rosie The Riveter

    40. Shot down over 200 enemy planes and represented the African American people. Tuskegee Airmen

    41. Benjamin Davis 1st African American General in the U.S. Air Force

    42. A.PhilipRandolph Demanded the government ban discrimination against African Americans in defense industries

    43. Ira Hayes Hero in the battle for Iwo Jima Code Talkers

    44. Mercedes Cubria of Cuba 1st Hispanic woman in the WAC

    45. HoracioRivero of Puerto Rico 1st Hispanic four-star admiral highest rank in the U.S. Navy