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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

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  1. Adolf Hitler By : Cetera H. Mr. Wesley Jacobs 6th

  2. Adolf Hitler

  3. All About Adolf Hitler: • Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. • His parents were Alois and Klara Hitler. • He married Eva Braun in July 1944 and never had a desire to have children. • And after many years of marriage, Hitler committed suicide by shooting his self in the head with a Walther pistol, and his wife committed suicide by swallowing cyanide (a deadly poison) and both died on April 30, 1945.

  4. Importance Of Accomplishment: • In a speech on April 28, 1939, Adolf Hitler made a speech what he felt were his accomplishments: "...I overcame chaos in Germany, restored order, enormously raised production in all fields of our national economy...I succeeded in completely resettling in useful production those 7 million unemployed who so touched our hearts...I have not only politically united the German nation but also rearmed it militarily, and I have further tried to liquidate that Treaty sheet by sheet whose 448 Articles contain the vilest rape that nations and human beings have ever been expected to submit to. I have restored to the Reich the provinces grabbed from us in 1919; I have led millions of deeply unhappy Germans, who have been snatched away from us, back into the Fatherland; I have restored the thousand year old historical unity of German living space; and I have attempted to accomplish all that without shedding blood and without inflicting the sufferings of war on my people or any other. I have accomplished all this, as one who 21 years ago still an unknown worker and soldier of my people, by my own efforts..."

  5. Reflection Statement: • I learned that Adolf Hitler was a mean , powerful , person who did some very bad things to the people he treated wrong.

  6. Most Interesting Fact: • He married Eva Braun in July 1944 and never had a desire to have children.

  7. Acrostic Poem: A-uschwitz D-eath O-ccupation L-oathed Jews F-uhrer H-olocaust I-nvader T-ortuer L-eader E-vil man R-uler

  8. Word’s from research with the definitions: • Cyanide- a deadly poison • Death Camps-were enclosed places where Jews and other victims of the Holocaust were forced to work, killed, and tortured. • Holocaust- was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.

  9. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Was a Mean , powerful , evil .

  10. Adolf Hitler • •