bsp reconciliation
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BSP Reconciliation

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BSP Reconciliation. A brief explanation. Do you know how many air tickets your company sells every month?. BSP send your company a list of tickets sold, does anyone check this list?. Is every charge for every ticket checked ?.

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bsp reconciliation

BSP Reconciliation

A brief explanation

Every IATA company holds their own record for each sale. In Amadeus these are called Air Records. Each Air Record shows the net amount owed to the airline, based on the data from your company.
Each charge received from BSP should be checked. Assuming your agency sells a large volume of tickets, checking all of these records may take your staff some time.
I am able to check each and every BSP charge for you, and produce a list of those charges which have no exact match, or match outside a margin of your choice e.g. 5 pounds.
For those charges which do not match , I can investigate, report to you what happened, and suggest the steps required to avoid this happening in the future.
The aim of this exercise is to produce a report which agrees with the amount taken from the company bank account by BSP, to the exact penny.