age of exploration
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Age of Exploration

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Age of Exploration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Age of Exploration. Ptolemy’s map c. 150 a.d.,. Maps as artifacts. T-O map Jerusalem at center East at top 1300 a.d. Portugese Foundations.

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age of exploration
Age of Exploration

Ptolemy’s map c. 150 a.d.,

maps as artifacts
Maps as artifacts
  • T-O map
  • Jerusalem at center
  • East at top
  • 1300 a.d.
portugese foundations
Portugese Foundations
  • 1432Portuguese navigators discover the Azores. 1441Portuguese navigators cruise West Africa and reestablish slave Henry the Navigator establishes a Naval observatory for the teaching of navigation, astronomy, and cartography.
coasting africa
Coasting Africa
  • 1453Turks overrun Constantinople, shutting off the overland trade route. 1470-84Portuguese explorations discover Africa's Gold Coast and the Congo River.1487Bartholomeu Dias barely touches the Cape of Good Hope.

Portuguese Map of Africa, ca. 1558, by Bastiam

Lopez. British Library. Add. 27303. Lopez

getting to china
Getting to China
  • 1492Columbus sets sail.1494The Treaty of Tordesillas divides the world between Spain and Portugal for the alleged purpose of spreading Christianity. 1497-98Vasco da Gama rounds the Cape of Good Hope and reaches India.1497John Cabot sites "new found land" while searching for Northwest Passage. 1504Venice proposes a Suez Canal to the Sultan of Turkey.
competition intensifies
Competition intensifies
  • 1511Portugal defeats the Arabs in a major naval battle at the Straits of Sunda, taking control of the Spice Islands as the center of Far East trade. (The Straits lie between Java and Borneo, now Indonesia.)1512England begins construction of double-deck warships.
mapping a new world
Mapping a New World
  • 1519Magellan begins his journey to circumnavigate the world with five ships and 270 men.1521April 27, Magellan killed by natives in the Philippines. 1522September 6, eighteen of Magellan's crew and one ship return.

1520's - Agnese, Battista, World Map, Magellan's Track

new france
New France
  • 1534Jacques Cartier enters the St. Lawrence River. Land in Great Lakes claimed for France
the english sail
The English Sail
  • 1577Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England. He circumnavigates the globe.
  • 1609Henry Hudson explores present-day New York and Hudson River and claims them for England.