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Welcome to the philosophy of life paper!

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Welcome to the philosophy of life paper! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the philosophy of life paper!. Do now: freewrite . What are your thoughts about…?. Fate Soul mates Destiny Free will Individual Choice The afterlife Reincarnation Lack of an afterlife. Should we CARPE DIEM and YOLO or PLAN AHEAD for our futures?

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do now freewrite what are your thoughts about
Do now: freewrite.What are your thoughts about…?
  • Fate
  • Soul mates
  • Destiny
  • Free will
  • Individual Choice
  • The afterlife
  • Reincarnation
  • Lack of an afterlife

Should we CARPE DIEM and YOLO or PLAN AHEAD for our futures?

  • Should we seek PLEASURE or PURPOSE?
philosophy of life cp due dates
Philosophy of Life CP Due Dates!
  • Annotated Bibliography of 6-8 sources – 8 March.Eternal Questions AND Issues Handouts – 8 March.Works Cited – 14 March (quiz grade).Rough draft (4 pages) – 20 March8-9 page nearly completed draft – 26 March

2 copies neededFINAL DRAFT – 8 April


In order to hand in the FINAL draft

worth 2 test grades

You need to hand in

all the required tasks


basic requirements
Basic requirements
  • 9-10 pages
  • MLA format is required
  • Final grade will count as two test grades
  • Papers will be judged and graded on:
    • Clarity and cohesiveness of ideas 25%
    • Development of ideas 25%
    • Proper usage and mechanics25%
      • MLA format and documentation
      • Grammar and spelling
    • Truthfulness and Logic25%
  • 1. We will begin with an introduction of expectations and requirements for the project, as well as begin developing ideas.
  • 2. Philosophies and major philosophers will be researched and discussed in order to become a basis for your paper.
  • 3. Two text and two Internet sources will be checked and documented.
  • 4. A brief outline specifying major ideas and areas to be covered in the final paper will be created.
  • 5. Students will individually conference with the teacher to discuss the paper.
  • 6. First drafts will be written in order to Peer Edit.
  • 7. Final drafts will be collected and graded.
  • Failure to complete any component of this assignment (i.e., sources, outline, first draft, final draft, and any worksheet), will result in a grade of zero for the final paper.
  • Failure to complete this assignment, which is serving as the Research Paper for English 12, will result in a zero for the assignment. In addition, if this paper is not completed, a failure for the marking period is likely, which could impact graduation status.
  • Failure to utilize class time effectively while in the library and computer lab (i.e., playing games, listening to music, etc.) will result in a minimum deduction of 10 points from the final draft.
paper components
Paper Components
  • Researched information on philosophies or philosopher(s) of choice with MLA documentation.
    • This must act as the basis for your opinions discussed throughout the paper.
  • Can be a mix of traditional and untraditional sources BUT academic sources are required!

My Philosophy:

  • In this section, you should define your basic philosophy to life. This should include, but is not limited to:
  • Quotes from philosophers (cited)
    • ex. Aquinas
    • ex. Dalai Lama
    • ex. Fight Club
  • Summaries of philosophies (cited)
    • ex. Existentialism
    • ex. Deconstruction
  • Answers to some of the Essential Philosophical Questions (worksheet)
  • * approximately 1-2 pages

My goal in life is like Spock’s from Star Trek. I want to “live long and prosper” (Star Trek). The purpose of life is to make a positive impact on the world and society. Humans are given a couple of decades in order to experience life. It is our responsibility during that time to do good works, build loving relationships, and commit acts of kindness.

There are requirements for making a positive impact on the world. According to Plato, “a good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers” (source). This means that it is not enough just to do something because it will make money or it will make a lot of people happy, but because I know it is the right thing to do. Socrates explained that a good society is one in which “a society in which […] the basic needs of all members are satisfied” (Bramann). This means that what is right would be for the good and right of everyone involved and not in the individual interests of a few people or groups.


Based on your life experiences and formed beliefs discuss your opinion on the following topics and how they have impacted your view of life. Within each of the topics discussed, you must also contemplate how your philosophy or philosopher of choice impacts your beliefs on these issues. Choose a minimum of 3 topics from the following list:

    • Relevance of Religion
    • Education
    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Family
    • Marriage
    • Sex
    • Drugs and Drug Testing (school/work)
    • Athletics
    • Career Goals
    • Literature
    • Politics and Government
    • Controversial Issues (i.e. abortion, death penalty, immigration, etc.)
    • Truth
    • Commitment
    • Beauty
    • Adolescence

In this section, you will analyze and discuss three of the topics from the project components list.

  • For each topic, you should:
  • Introduce the topic
  • Analyze how your philosophers/philosophy would think about the topic
    • This should include direct references to your philosophers/philosophies
  • Offer life experiences that explain why you feel the way that you do
    • These should be stories about things you have done or gone through
    • These should be as personal as you want them to be
    • These must be honest
    • You may decide not to name specific people or places
    • School appropriate is preferred
  • * Each topic should be about 2-3 pages.


One of the ways that people can improve themselves and therefore improve the world is through education. Thomas Aquinas wrote that it is “better to illuminate than merely to shine” (source). This means that it is good to not just know something but to help others know that thing too.

It is not enough to simply teach people about mathematics or science, however. Education must also teach the world how to be better people; “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil” (Lewis)….


*Any topic not on this list must be approved by the teacher prior to individual conferences in order to be included in final paper.

  • Personal Definition of Happiness (see class worksheet)
    • How have your experiences helped you or will help you define your happiness?
  • Works Cited Page
    • MLA Format
if you want to think about it like a traditional 5 paragraph essay
If you want to think about it like a traditional 5 paragraph essay
  • Your overall philosophy is your thesis.
  • Your 3+ topics are your body paragraphs – you are using them to prove your beliefs on your thesis OR to explain how you came to your thesis.
  • Your happiness is your conclusion.
two approaches
Two approaches
  • Experience to idea
  • What were the important moments from your life and what are your thoughts about philosophy based on those?
  • Idea and experience
  • What is your philosophy and how does that impact your experiences with and interpretations of issues and ideas?

Make a list of the important moments from your life.

  • Aha! Moments
  • Meetings and losses
  • Challenges
  • Successes