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The Global Summit Empowering the Inevitable Partnership of Humanity PowerPoint Presentation
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The Global Summit Empowering the Inevitable Partnership of Humanity

The Global Summit Empowering the Inevitable Partnership of Humanity

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The Global Summit Empowering the Inevitable Partnership of Humanity

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  1. "I whole-heartedly endorse The Global Summit. It is a design of great significance and could be one of the seminal contributions to a more synergistic democracy and social evolution."- Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist

  2. The Global Summit Empowering the Inevitable Partnership of Humanity • The Global Summit (TGS) seeks to catalyze a global partnership and local program support system to achieve a sustainable world. • Launching in 2008 as a planning symposium, The Global Summit™ (TGS) annually brings together the world’s most dedicated social and environmental change makers, indigenous community representatives, artists, scholars and business leaders to advance sustainable policies and support community-based solutions. • Primary Goals and Measurable Outcomes: • Establish a citizen input based, global policy making system applying advances in conflict mediation and information technology for transparent, equitable and measurable results. • Catalyze private, public and civil society collaborations to reduce duplication & increase collective social, economic and environmental impact – achieving the Millennium Development Goals & The Earth Charter. • Advance immediate climate change solutions & sustainable economic development via multi-sector transfer of sustainable, green, & clean technologies – meeting the Kyoto Protocol/Copenhagen targets.

  3. The Global Summit (TGS) A Catalyst for Collaboration 365 Days a Year • 6 PIE+ 7 Stages+8 TGS • = Sustainable Impact • 6 key global Partners In Empowerment (PIE) sectors services, technologies & resources are highlighted via tools. • 7 Stages link global resources, technology and services with program goals to reduce duplication and increase social, economic and environmental impact. • 8 years of TGS catalyze global collaboration in local programs and set forth a participative, multi-sector global policy making system listening and responding to 100% of humanity.

  4. PARTNERS IN EMPOWERMENT Partners In Empowerment (PIE) The Foundation of The Global Summit Often conferences, UN Charters and other policy making systems abandon the principle of stakeholder participation in planning – and yet, these processes are fundamental to democracy, peace and sustainability. Emphasizing what each sector has to contribute, EW’s PIE model increases public participation. Harnessing market forces to build a sustainable world + Vital to democracy. Upholding journalistic ethics for an informed public + Creative forces inspire community action, transform the status quo + Promoting sustainable policy, action, &technologies through knowledge+ Leading by example & forging innovative solutions for systemic change + Stewards of local impact ensure local partners have direct input + Q: “Where is Government?” A: It’s in the PIE. Policy makers are invited as social entrepreneurs, as well as representing their agencies’ area of interest related to business, media, service programs, etc. Uniting diverse social & economic sectors, the PIE model reinforces democratic institutions by promoting wider public participation.

  5. Identify and engage LOCAL Partners In Empowerment™ - citizens, organizations, and businesses dedicated to a sustainable future. Assess local assets(human and natural resources) that can be developed to create sustainable livelihoods for people in need. Develop a comprehensive community based plan of action with shared long-term responsibility. Promote practical skill development and technical assistance in project management. Transfer of appropriate technologies and best practices in health, renewable energies, sustainable agriculture and education. Assist development & marketing of products and services that value and protect natural and cultural heritage. Facilitate private/public partnerships with GLOBAL Partners in Empowerment™whereby dependence on foreign aid is reduced & social benefits increase. 7Stages of Community-based ActionTGS outcome: global collaboration empowering locally led solutions

  6. The Global Summit 2009-20157 full-scale conferences, one held annually in each of the worlds 7 regions • Policy Action – Empowering underrepresented voices to be heard, TGS unites the most grass-roots citizens and powerful leaders in consent based commitment forums to address the most critical issues facing humanity. TGS applies advances in information technology and mediation for transparent, measurable and equitable results. showcases promises & progress made by all. • Empowerment Forum – Social, economic and environmental visionaries deliver transformative workshops empowering all sectors to co-create a healthier, culturally rich and bio-diverse world. • Sustainable Technology – Creating "A World Fair for Everything Sustainable”, TGS promotes the greenest, cleanest and most grass-roots friendly technology via awards and investment forums. • Concert & Culture – Harnessing the passion of the arts to raise awareness and inspire participants, live performances are broadcast globally and woven throughout TGS. • 1PIE.orgVirtual Access - TGS’ online portal provides online event access and supports global Partners In Empowerment (PIE) collaboration in locally-led programs around the year.

  7. XitMobile Cause Based Entertainment + Commerce + Technology Program Partners *partial list of collaborating non-profits, and creative design partners. “By bringing the best of our resources & ideas to the table, we build a better world for humanity.”

  8. Be Visionary. Become a Founding Partner of The Global Summit.Co-create the most leading edge global collaboration for a secure future. • Corporate Sponsors The Global Summit Planning Symposium is a historical opportunity for your company to have an immediate impact for a sustainable future and exalt its image for years to come as a visionary, founding sponsor. We look forward to making your vital participation recognized within our community of global leaders and growing online audience. • Individual Donors & Foundations Your support is vital to advance program development & global access to it. As a program of 501c3 nonprofit, Empowerment Works, all contributions to The Global Summit are tax-deductible. Media Partners TGS is launching the “Your Voice Matters” Global Call to Action and seeks media partners to help make history with e-campaigns, web-outreach & search engine placement. Be first to share the message. • Make History CONTACT Melanie St.James, Managing Director t. +1- 310-392-6909 m. +1-805-895-4201 e.

  9. Executive Producer, Empowerment Works! (EW) “A Global Sustainability Think-tank-in-Action” Empowerment Works (EW) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of a global partnership for a sustainable world by nurturing mutually-supportive private, public, and voluntary collaborations that value and protect indigenous heritage. EW was founded in 2001 to empower local stakeholders in the world’s most vulnerable, yet culturally rich communities to resolve poverty and build a sustainable future via “7 Stages of Community-based Action”. The first stage engages 6 mutually supportive sectors, or Partners In Empowerment™ (PIE), to co-create solutions from the ground up. In dedicating itself as an institution, its programs, research and social innovations to the development of The Global Summit, Empowerment Works most fully realizes its purpose of harnessing the economic, technical and human capital needed to catalyze systematic, mutually supportive collaboration for a SUSTAINABLE WORLD.