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By: Gavin, Jake, Karl

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By: Gavin, Jake, Karl
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By: Gavin, Jake, Karl

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  1. By: Gavin, Jake, Karl

  2. The Scene.

  3. First Glimpse. The first shot is a Close-Up of a set of ties, the majority of the character is not in view. But a lot of the characters personality can still be gathered. The News Broadcast Diegetic Sound. interested in what is going on Locally and Globally Tie and Shirt Professional and cares about his appearance. Pictures has a family Click to Play …

  4. Set the Scene. The second shot is a medium shot, it sets the scene which is seems to be a penthouse suite, this elaborated on the perception of the character being ‘well off’, it also show a large collection of suits and the character checking himself in the mirror which also enhances the view of him caring about his appearance, or being in a profession where appearance matters. also his clothes are very well organised by colour and all shoes are in pairs elaborating on this view of him being a perfectionist. Click to Play …

  5. Dark? The third shot is of the character walking down the corridor. The lighting is ,mid-key and this is beginning to create an atmosphere around the character. Surely somebody with a life like his should have bright surroundings. This intrigues the audience and the director I believe did this deliberately. Also the score which the character can’t here adds to this, it is currently very quiet and as a slow tempo. Click to Play …

  6. Lonely? The fourth shot is of the character pouring a cup of coffee. This Close-Up is crucial because it show him pouring a single cup of coffee. This makes the audience question if the dark cloud over the character has something to do with family. Click to Play …

  7. Something Else? The fifth shot is of the character walking past the bathroom door, with his cup of coffee. But now the Music is now noticeable, the pace is quite slow and is haunting in a gentle way. The xylophone type instrument assists this, adding to the assumption that there is something that the audience doesn’t know about the character. Click to Play …

  8. Perfectionist? The sixth shot is of the character looking out on the city. With his gestures, the audience are told that he is a weatherman. And his gestures make the audience guess that he is a perfectionist, and he is trying to better himself. The television has now just become background noise, the character is now paying no attention to it. Click to Play …

  9. Perfectionist? The next set of shots show the character wondering around his apartment. He continues to gesture in a ‘Weatherman’ way. The audience also hear the sound of him mumbling ‘Weatherman’ terminology at the end. Adding to the assumption that the character is trying to be the best he can. Click to Play …

  10. Family. The next shot is a panning shot of the character mantle, with a lot of pictures of him with others which we guess are his family. The shot has a shallow focus with the nearest level in focus, the character is at a further level, but the audience can see him gesturing still. But the audience attention is to the front. At the end are three books, all by the same author, they also stay in shot for a long time, this gives the audience an impression of importance, because they are also placed on the dominant side of Framing. The audience will be asking themselves a few questions, such as ‘Why have books so close to pictures of your family?’ having researched the film we know that the author is our characters father The character then takes an executive looking watch then leaves the scene. This elaborates on the sense of a career with a high income. because there are no family in the house at during the busiest times of the day (morning). this will make the audience wonder where they are, and if his ‘Perfectionist’ characteristics mean he is trying to impress someone or trying to prove himself or his worth. Click to Play …

  11. Desperate? The last few shots we see the character on the phone. We don't know who he is speaking to but there does seem to be a sense of desperation in his voice. The audience will now be feeling that there are a few blemishes on the characters seemingly perfect life. Also we only see half the character in shot, could this be because there are two sides to the character? Or because he is starting to vanish and becoming invisible to those around him. Click to Play …

  12. To Conclude. • There is no change of angle in the Scene, all shots were made with a Straight Angle. • The Score and Lighting add to the sense of mystery around the character. • Family appears to be main part of the characters life, yet we never see anybody else in the scene. • Setting, Costume and Props conform to the idea that the character is in a ‘well-off’ job and his Gestures and Mumbling show he is trying to be the best he can be. But this can be interpreted as he is trying to impress someone.

  13. By: Gavin, Jake, Karl