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Mary Anne Bell. Paola Jurado Period 2 May 30, 2012. Its my way- Tammy Wynette . Lyrics: I'll live every day for you and I'll breath ever breath for you. Don't you know I'd want to die if we ever part Relates:

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Mary anne bell

Mary Anne Bell

Paola Jurado

Period 2

May 30, 2012

Its my way tammy wynette
Its my way- Tammy Wynette

Lyrics:I'll live every day for you and I'll breath ever breath for you.

Don't you know I'd want to die if we ever partRelates:

This relates to Mary Anne because she has been away from her boyfriend for a pretty long time so she decides to travel to see him. She risked her life to be with him when the Vietnam war was happening.

F rom the morning n ick d rake
From the morning – Nick Drake

Lyrics:So look see the days,the endless colorued waysand go play the game that you learnt from the morning , See she flies. Relates:This relates to her because one morning to the next she drops her fussy feminine habits and cuts her hair short and becomes more interested in the war.

A change is gonna come sam cooke
A Change is Gonna Come- Sam Cooke


Oh there been times that I thought I couldn’t last for longbut now I think I'm able to carry onits been a long, a long time coming.She changed from being a girl to becoming a manly person. She became more interested and empowered by war, it influenced her to make plans for future travel and to turn around from her path away from the life she earlier considered desirable.

Army dreamers
Army Dreamers

Lyrics:What a wasteArmy dreamersOoh, what a waste ofArmy dreamersOoh, what a waste of all thatArmy dreamersArmy dreamersArmy dreamers, ohRelates:

This relates to Mary Anne because At the end she though she was going to make it alive but she didn’t she went crazy on the drugs they were giving her during the war and she wanted to be set free that she went to the wilderness and she passed away.