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Ethics in Public Relations

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Ethics in Public Relations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethics in Public Relations. Definition. According to Josephson institute ethics in Public relations are “Standards of conduct that indicate how one should behave based on moral duties and virtues”.

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According to Josephson institute ethics in Public relations are “Standards of conduct that indicate how one should behave based on moral duties and virtues”.

The internet encyclopedia of Philosophy. explains ethics in Public relation as “ The field of ethics, also called moral philosophy, involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior”.


“The principle behind the professional ethics is that one sanctions are designed to create the greatest good for both the client and the community as a whole rather than to enhance the position and power of the practitioner”. cultip et. Al, pp. 144-145.


Many critics think that there cannot be ethics in Public Relations because the task itself is a product of manipulation and propaganda.

role of ethics in public relations
Role of Ethics in Public Relations
  • PR involves earning credibility which comes from telling the truth.
  • PR must be based on doing the right thing means acting ethically.
ethical issues with public relations
Ethical issues with Public Relations
  • Many people perceive public relations as something not respectable. As it includes clever strategies to convince people that what's wrong is right. Many believe that public relation professionals are clever manipulators instead of truth conveyers.
ethical issues with public relations1
Ethical issues with Public Relations
  • With holding information from the public
  • Presenting and promoting independent views and opinions
  • Biased approach
  • Distorting the reality
  • Propaganda
  • Promotion of questionable industries
  • Pseudo-events

Ethics of Public Relation Practitioners

According to Public Relation Society of America following are the ethics for PR officers.

  • Accuracy and Truthfulness
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Confidentiality
  • Protect Interest of Clients or Employers
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interests
  • Don’t work contrary to the code
cadbury crisis management ethics
Cadbury Crisis Management & Ethics
  • Food and Drug Inspector
  • Media Role
  • Decrease in Sale
  • Cadbury Management Action
  • Stakeholders
  • Accept the Problem

Inform Clients about the Problem

  • Advised Customers Remain Careful in Buying
  • 2nd Media Briefing
  • Change in Packaging

(Ref: Case Study )

pr ethics followed by cadbury
PR Ethics Followed By Cadbury
  • They remain truthful and accurate.
  • They Informed clients well to make decision
  • They protect the interests of their clients.
  • They avoided conflict of interests.
nestle pr campaign
Nestle PR Campaign
  • Greenpeace
  • Videos
  • Nestle Facebook Page
  • Didn’t Accept the Fact
  • Announcement

(Ref: Case Study)

deficiencies regarding e thics
Deficiencies Regarding Ethics
  • They were not truthful.
  • They were protecting only their own interest.
  • They created a conflict.
solutions to improve ethical issues in public relations
Solutions to improve ethical issues in Public Relations
  • Educating people about the importance of ethical behavior
  • Clearly defining ethics and code of conduct of organizations and industries.
  • Following the ethics by our selves.