Compose an original story
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Must Have A connection to dreams Use dialogue Consistent verb tense Use one of the seven archetypal plots More than 2 pages handwritten. Compose an original story. The Skinny. Super Mario Brothers.

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Compose an original story

Must Have

  • A connection to dreams

  • Use dialogue

  • Consistent verb tense

  • Use one of the seven archetypal plots

  • More than 2 pages handwritten

Compose an original story.

1 overcoming the monster

The Skinny

Super Mario Brothers

  • In the stories, this is where the hero must destroy the monster to restore balance to the world. In the real world this could be overcoming an addiction, beating an illness or any thing else that requires something to be defeated for the hero to win.

#1 Overcoming the Monster

2 rags to riches

The 4-11


  • In the stories, this is where a modest and moral but downtrodden character achieves a happy ending when their natural talents are displayed to the world at large. In the real world this applies to anyone with an undeniably incredible talent who wants to break through and be successful. This could apply to photographers, musicians, athletes and the list goes on.

#2 Rags to Riches

3 the quest

The Low Down

The Hunger Games

  • The hero, often accompanied by sidekicks, travels in search of a priceless treasure and must defeat evil and overcome powerful odds, and ends when he gets both the treasure and the girl. Often "Quest" stories make our hero(s) encounter a variety of challenges that are all seemingly unrelated.

#3 The Quest

4 voyage return

The Low Down

Life of Pi

  • Stories of normal protagonists who are suddenly thrust into strange and alien worlds and must make their way back to normal life once more.

#4 Voyage & Return

5 romantic comedy

The Scoop

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  • The plot of a comedy involves some kind of confusion that must be resolved before the hero and heroine can be united in love.

#5 Romantic Comedy

6 tragedy

The Jist


  • This is a story where the narrator is telling a story about another character’s downfall. This epic character usually fails because of his own flaws, particularly arrogance or figurative blindness.

#6 Tragedy

7 rebirth

The Point

A Christmas Carol

  • A threatening shadow character seems nearly victorious until a sequence of miraculous events leads to an inward change and rebirth, making the world happier.

#7 Rebirth