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An Adventure Story PowerPoint Presentation
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An Adventure Story

An Adventure Story

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An Adventure Story

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  1. An Adventure Story The Quest of the Ring

  2. Rob was a happy-go-lucky kind of boy who lived with his poor widowed mother in a little fishing village.

  3. Times were often hard for Rob and his mother but he helped his mother however he could.

  4. To make ends meet, Rob would often take his fishing rod down to the bay. If he was lucky, he would proudly bring home a fish for tea. Choose: Does Rob take the fish home for tea or does the fish escape?

  5. As Rob carried his catch along the quayside, the fish gave a final wriggle and freed itself from the hook. The water’s edge was close and the fish fell into the water once more. It recovered itself for a moment and swam back out into the bay once more . Rob and his Mum went hungry that night too. The End Start again

  6. Rob whistled all the way home. He was so pleased with himself and his lovely catch. At least they wouldn’t go hungry tonight! Mum- I’m home. Is the pan ready for my lovely fish?

  7. Yes dear. All ready and waiting for you!

  8. Rob handed the lovely fish over for his mother to prepare it for the pan. Choose: Does Rob enjoy a lovely tea with his mother or does she find something inside the fish?

  9. Rob and his mother was so hungry that the fish was eaten in no time at all, but at least they could sleep well that night, free from gnawing hunger pains. Start again The End

  10. When Rob’s mother cut into the fish, to her surprise, she found a glittering diamond ring. Choose: Do they sell the ring at market or does Rob try to find the owner?

  11. Young Rob carefully took the glittering diamond ring down to the next village market. Rob was given £10 pounds for it and Rob took home a basket full of food to last them all week. Start again The End

  12. Rob rose early the next morning and set off for the castle.

  13. Before long he met a strange little man on the road. Should Rob hurry on his way or stop to speak to the little man?

  14. You pass by me without a word So you will pay the price. I will take all you have of worth, and in half a trice! A spell on you I have now cast and you will turn to stone, and stand out here upon the hill forever, all alone The End Start again

  15. The little man asked… What is your business at the castle, my fine young man? Rob explained about the ring and his quest to find the owner.

  16. Because you stopped to talk to me, I have for you a warning, a giant guards the gate up there but later in the morning, he’ll take a nap and time you must bide, then spy your chance when he’s fast asleep and then to slip inside.

  17. Rob thanked the man and as he did, the strange little man disappeared. Rob continued along the path towards the castle.

  18. As Rob neared the castle he could see the fierce giant guarding the gate. Should Rob try to get past the giant or wait until he falls asleep?

  19. As Rob came nearer the giant began to growl, until the growl became a mighty roar. He swung the huge trunk he carried in his hand and squashed poor Rob flat. The End Start again

  20. Rob crept behind a rock and waited until the giant’s eyes began to close. Quickly and stealthily, he crept through the gate and into the castle.

  21. As Rob entered the hall of the castle, he met a beautiful lady. What are you doing here and how did you get past the giant who guards the gate? Rob explained about finding the ring inside the fish.

  22. Rob carefully took the ring from his pocket. My beautiful ring! I lost it down the well one day. Thank you for returning it to me. The beautiful lady then explained how angry her father had been and how he had set the giant at the gate to keep her imprisoned.

  23. The lady took Rob to meet her father. He shall choose his own reward, my child, but he must choose the dearest! Father, my beautiful ring has been returned by this kind young man! What shall he have as a reward. If he is wise, he takes the prize, much better than the rest. I wonder if this is the one to pass my little test. The lady led Rob into another room which held a snow white steed and a chest of gold.

  24. The steed was sleek and swift of foot, the gold did shine and glisten but Rob thought hard but to his heart, he knew he had to listen. Did Rob choose the steed, the gold or the lady?

  25. You chose well my boy. My magic steed will earn you fame and fortune. Treat him well. God Speed. Rob took the steed home and made his fortune but that’s another story. The End

  26. Rob took the gold home to his mother and they lived in luxury for the rest of their lives The End

  27. Rob knew the dearest of all these things was the king’s beautiful daughter Honest and wise you’ve proved to be, so with my blessing go. You take the dearest thing to me, so riches you will know. In marriage take my daughter’s hand, my castle too and gold, take all you see in way of land and together grow happily old! The End