life captured on paper l.
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Botanical Illustration

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Botanical Illustration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life Captured on Paper. Botanical Illustration. Elaine Yau CS99D. Problems In Botanical Illustration. Early Botanicals, or Herbals Grete Herbal, 1526 Reused Woodblocks Crude and clumsy illustrations Text-based. Problems In Botanical Illustration. Specific or Generic?

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Botanical Illustration

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problems in botanical illustration
Problems In Botanical Illustration
  • Early Botanicals, or Herbals
    • Grete Herbal, 1526
    • Reused Woodblocks
    • Crude and clumsy illustrations
    • Text-based
problems in botanical illustration4
Problems In Botanical Illustration
  • Specific or Generic?
    • Otto Brunfels’ Herbarum Vivae Eicones, 1530-35
    • Specificity & Realism
    • Little distortion
    • Good news: people are starting to look at real plants!
problems in botanical illustration5
Problems In Botanical Illustration
  • Specific or Generic?
    • Leonhart Fuchs’ De Historia Stirpium, 1542
    • Idealized plant
    • All parts and seasonal changes depicted on same plant
    • True to the real, live thing
what s wrong7
What’s Wrong?
  • Hawthorn, 1583
    • Woodcut, Fuchs’ style
    • Distorted
    • Cropped trunk
    • Horizontally compressed
    • Limitations of medium
dutch and flemish paintings
Era of Exploration


Discovery of new species

Hybridization, collecting

New Wealth

Leisure time for collecting and recording plants of rarity and beauty

Commissioning extravagant bouquets

Dutch and Flemish Paintings
dutch and flemish paintings9
Dutch and Flemish Paintings

Jan Davidsz. De Heem

Vase of Flowers, c.1660

dutch and flemish paintings12
Dutch and Flemish Paintings

Rachel Ruysch

Still Life with Snake, c.1685

  • “Flower Books”
    • Singular Beauty of the flower
    • Decorative
    • Pattern books for applied arts
  • Georg Dionysius Ehret’s Parrot Tulip, 1744
  • Pierre-Joseph Redouté
    • Opium Poppy, 1827
    • Stippled engraving
    • Softness, light, and shadow
horticultural illustration
Horticultural Illustration
  • Directed to the hobbyist, gardener, and florist
  • Focus on Color
  • Appeared in ads and seed packets
  • Recalls Dutch Painting
  • Also reduced to flat geometric forms – defined by color
  • More aesthetic than scientific
carl linnaeus
Carl Linnaeus
  • Formalized classification system
    • Based on reproductive parts
    • Flowers, Fruits, Leaves
    • Hortus Cliffortianus, 1738
    • Illustrations complement text
linnaean method
Linnaean Method
  • Selective Illustration
  • Unlike Brunfels or Fuchs
what s the best way24
Specific vs. general

Flawed vs. idealized

Whole vs. partial

What’s the best way?
what s the best way25
Specific vs. general

Flawed vs. idealized

Whole vs. partial

Real Life vs. Illustration

What’s the best way?