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Washington Military Department Major General Bret Daugherty PowerPoint Presentation
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Washington Military Department Major General Bret Daugherty

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Washington Military Department Major General Bret Daugherty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Washington Military Department Major General Bret Daugherty. “Always Ready, Always There” – Guardians!. Washington State Emergency Management Association 2013. Teamwork. Where there is unity, there is always victory. Plan together Train together Exercise together

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Washington Military Department Major General Bret Daugherty

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    1. Washington Military Department Major General Bret Daugherty “Always Ready, Always There” – Guardians! Washington State Emergency Management Association 2013

    2. Teamwork Where there is unity, there is always victory. • Plan together • Train together • Exercise together • Synchronize together • Seek resources together EVERGREEN

    3. WIN Together!! EVERGREEN

    4. Progress We’re moving in the right direction, but we have a long way to go. • Military planners sent to DSHS, King, Pierce, Thurston Counties • EMD Director visits local EM offices • Second quarterly meeting of EM Directors • First quarterly exercise conducted • Second quarterly exercise scheduled for October 23, 2013 • Youth Academy Students CERT qualified, available to local EMs. • EMC Re-energized and under Jim Hall’s leadership EVERGREEN

    5. Quarterly Exercises “Quarterly TTXs are building blocks that keep us connected, learning, and training together” • October 23 – Winter Storm/Flood Preparation, Training, Rehearsal • February 12 – Earthquake, Building Toward Evergreen Quake 2016 • May 21 – Wildfire Preparation • August 13 – Pandemic Let’s start by just exercising, training, and rehearsing at the same time. It gives all of us the option of interacting and synchronizing. Small exercises with tangible outcomes are good! The goal is to eventually conduct statewide exercises designed to prepare us for response and recovery. Coordinate with FEMA, DHS, NORTHCOM, 3rd Fleet, etc. to use the same dates. EVERGREEN

    6. Wildland Fire ResponseFull Scale Exercise14-20 June 2013 “OPERATION EVERGREEN EMBER”

    7. Exercise Objectives “We built Operation Evergreen Ember to reestablish the priority for Domestic Operations preparedness across the National Guard” • The National Guard’s Evergreen Guardian Base Plan • Integrated EMD, National Guard, and Governor’s Cabinet/Staff in a response exercise • Assessed the effectiveness and performance of the Joint Staff, the Army and Air units at different echelons • Tested our alert systems, readiness and ability to support civil authorities when requested • Reconnected the DOMOPS mission with Army and Air Units • Integrated T32 and T10 in a DOMOPS response • Utilized ESF#20 National Guard capabilities Operation Evergreen Ember was a multi-echelon, collective domestic operations exercise that tested: EVERGREEN

    8. Exercise Players • Actual • Notional • NGWA • JFHQ-WA (Joint Staff & JOC) • WAARNG Units • 81st ABCT: 81st HQ (JTF-WA) & 303rd CAV (RTF) • 96th TC: A/1-19 SOG (SAR TF), HRF, SODPAC, 56th TIOG (JISCC/SimCell) • 66th TAC: ARF • 205thReg: JRSOI • WAANG Units • 194th WG: 242 CBCS (JISCC), 116th ASOS (SAR TF), 116th WF(Weather Dx) • 141st ARW: 141 CF (JISCC), 141st LRS (Base Camp); 141 OG/RC-26 MSO • WAADS • Washington State Guard (WSG) • JIIEP & LNOs • FEMA Region X DCE • JBLM - T10 Bn CDR • DARM-W • EMD (limited) • DNR • NGB: JET • Federal (Civilian) • NIFC • FEMA • Federal (MIL / T-10) • ARNORTH • WA State & County • WA Governor’s Office • Department of Agriculture • Incident CDRs • County EOC(s) • In-State MIL / T-32 Units • 10th CST (WA) • CH-47 AVN Assets (B Co 1-168th GSAB) • Out-of-State / T-32 Units • 102nd CST (OR) • FEMA X CERFP (OR) • FEMA IX CERFP (NV) • FEMA VIII CERFP (UT) 1,150 Participants! EVERGREEN The largest National Guard DOMOPS Training Event in recent history… and we are just getting started.


    10. Operation Evergreen Ember – Total Affects Overview (WA) Complex Wildland Fire Scenario Existing Fires on Federal Land are exacerbated by severe weather Range Lands are being threatened by fires; planned burn in Cattle/Ranch country gets out of control. Reports of sick cattle and suspected HAZMAT contamination by Dept of AG; suspected Anthrax ; Excessive Smoke in/around Yakima causing disruption at McAllister Field Fires threatening airport and Yakima National Guard Armory Main gas line explosion collapses the Gensco Bldg next to Vista Field in Richland. Explosion debris damage tractor trailer carrying Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) destined for disposal. Legend Fire Complex Lighting Strike w/fire Explosion/ Chemical Inc. High Fire Danger Vineyards destroyed or threatened by wildfire

    11. Governor’s Cabinet Wildland Fires TTX “Leaders learning and training together prior to the exercise” EVERGREEN

    12. Visit & Participation from the Governor’s Executive Management Team and State Agencies EVERGREEN

    13. Homeland Response Force in Action! Overview of National Guard Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Response Capabilities at Hammer Training Facility EVERGREEN

    14. Aviation Fire Bucket Crews in Action! Maximized Training Time & Resources by Preparing Bambi Bucket Crews for Response During the Exercise EVERGREEN

    15. Exercise Benefits Trained 200 Guardsmen as Red Card Certified Firefighters (First Time Since 2006) Established the Guard’s First Dual-Status Commander integrating State & Federal Forces Implemented the Guard’s First Joint Search & Rescue Task Force Conducted a Real Test of the Guard’s Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration Process EVERGREEN Strengthened relationships with Local, State, and Federal Partners

    16. MAJOR EXERCISE ROAD AHEAD Operation Evergreen Quake (Statewide Earthquake Response) 2016 Operation Evergreen Tremor (Earthquake Response Rehearsal) 2015 Operation Evergreen Hammer (COOP) “Preparing for an Earthquake Complex Catastrophe is my #1 Planning Priority” TAG-WA 2014 EVERGREEN Operation Evergreen Ember (Wildfire Response) 2013

    17. Cascadia Earthquake Response Planning Timeline 1st Qtr 17 State Wide Exercise – FY16 Final Plan Published AUG 16 interagency AAR FY 16 Mini-Ex / Rehearsal JUN 16 “Combining Action with Intent!” State Wide CSZE Exercise 3rd Qtr 16 FY15 AAR Published CSZE mini-Ex / Rehearsal 2nd Qtr 16 CSZE Mini-Ex / TTX Guard Exercise – FY15 1st Qtr 16 Guard AAR Published FY 15 Mini-Ex / Rehearsal JUN 15 WA GUARD Wide CSZE Exercise 3rd Qtr 15 CSZE Mini-Ex / Rehearsal CSZE ROC Walk 2nd Qtr 15 CSZE Mini-Ex / TTX 1st Qtr 15 CSZE OPLAN Published CSZE ROC Walk Coordination Requirements ESF 20 Rewritten Missions ID’d / Assgn’d COOP Solidified JUN 14 CSZE OPLAN Published JOPG MDMP 3rd Qtr 14 COA - Analysis Establish JOPG 2nd Qtr 14 COA-Development 1st Qtr 14 Mission Analysis 29AUG13 Initial Planning Group Meeting / Develop Staff Estimates JUN 16 FEB 14 MAY 16 JUN 15 MAY 14 FEB 16 FEB 15 APR 15 SEP 15 OCT 14 AUG 16 NOV 13 JUN 14 AUG 13 OCT 16 Final CSZE Plan Published COA-D Brief Mini-Ex Rehearsal Guard EX COA-A Brief Mini-Ex TTX Mini-Ex TTX Mini-Ex Rehearsal AAR Compl ROC Walk State CSZE EX Inter Agency AAR MA Brief JOPG Built OPLAN Brief As of: 26AUG13

    18. Plan Together Local Plans • Meet regionally within the state to share existing plans • Synchronize and coordinate regionally • Meet statewide to share regional plans • Synchronize and coordinate statewide • Reach out to FEMA, NORTHCOM, 3rd Fleet, DHS, etc. and review their plans • Synchronize and coordinate the Federal and State plans EVERGREEN

    19. “In the meantime…We are trying to do a better job of reaching out to our Partners” Homeland Response Force External Planning and Assistance Team (HEPAT) EVERGREEN

    20. HRF EXTERNAL PLANNING & ASSISTANCE TEAM • WHO: • HEPAT Member: CPT Hanisch • Civilian Contacts: City of Seattle Fire Battalion Chief Phil Jose, CPT J.M. Havner, LT Leroy Sisley • WHAT: Walkthrough/overview of SeaFair Emergency Response infrastructure, HEPAT engagement and publication distribution • WHEN: 02-03 AUG 13 • WHERE:Lake Washington, Seattle • WHY:Increase understanding of established SeaFair Emergency Response framework, identify unfulfilled requirements and the potential for guard/HRF implementation in both the planning and execution of future Seafair events • SUMMARY: • Engaged with key leadership of City of Seattle Fire department, specifically Battalion Chief Jose. Toured emergency management/response footprint encompassing both Lake Washington and surrounding shore of the event. Discussed command structure and geographic response areas, toured various police/fire/coast guard C2 posts/trailers to identify communication and network limitations. Established HRF relationship with training organizations in EM community. SEAFAIR TOC, Seattle

    21. HRF EXTERNAL PLANNING & ASSISTANCE TEAM • WHO: (U) National Guard: 420 CM BN (CERFP) representation, 790th DET II, 420 CERFP Decon detachment. • Civilian Agencies: Chelan Fire Department District 3, WA Department of Natural Resources , Chumstick Wildfire Coalition, USFS, Chelan DEM, MEND. • WHAT: (U) Emergency Preparedness Expo • WHEN: (U) 10 August 2013 • WHERE: (U) Leavenworth, WA • WHY: (U) The Chelan Fire District 3 hosted event was attended by members of both the local and state level emergency management community, in efforts to interface with local populace and increase emergency response awareness by providing firefighting and DECON demonstrations. • SIGNIFICANCE/ASSESSMENT: (U) Training provided a conducive environment for multi-agency interaction and increased awareness between HRF outreach officers and CERFP, 790th DET II leadership. HEPAT Domestic Operations Capabilities Handbook distributed to leadership of all attending emergency response agencies, enhancing HRF/Guard awareness. Chelan Fire Department, District 3

    22. Seek Funding Together • Tsunami Shelters • Bridging Materials • Operating Funds • Planners • Training Funds • Equipment • Etc…….. EVERGREEN

    23. Washington Military Department TAG’s Bottom Line “The Washington Military Department functions as one, unified team by drawing on all of the resources and strengths of our entire agency to plan and prepare for an efficient, effective, and rapid response to emergencies and assist in recovery in order to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Washington, the Northwest, and the United States.” MG Daugherty Discussion EVERGREEN