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The San Andreas Is Not The Only Fault in Town. Jenner Lin. Meg Katter. Laura Akelyte. Zach Engstler. The San Andreas Fault Is Not the Only Fault In Town. When many people think of faults in California, they think of the San Andreas Fault.

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The San Andreas Is Not

The Only Fault in Town

Jenner Lin

Meg Katter

Laura Akelyte

Zach Engstler

the san andreas fault is not the only fault in town
The San Andreas Fault Is Not the Only Fault In Town
  • When many people think of faults in California, they think of the San Andreas Fault.
  • The fact is that the Pacific Plate Boundary moves an average of 45 mm per year but the San Andreas Fault moves an average of only 25-35 mm per year.
  • That means there has to be other fault movement.
list of faults
List of Faults
  • San Andreas Fault
  • Puente Hills Thrust Fault
  • Sierra Madre Fault
  • San Cayetano Fault
  • Oak Ridge Fault
  • Hollywood Fault
  • Whittier Fault
  • Palos Verdes Fault
  • New Port - Inglewood Fault
  • San Jacinto Fault
  • Ana-Dume Fault
  • Compton Thrust Fault
Everyone knows not to build on top of a fault, but do they know that the land in between two faults or more can create mountains or bodies of water?
  • The type of rock, whether sedimentary or bedrock, and how close you are to a fault determines how vulnerable you are to your environmental hazards.
  • Hills shatter into landslides, buildings topple flat, bridges collapse, pipes burst, and ruptures are born. Tsunamis rage, grounds sink in liquefaction, and earthquakes begin. Toxic contamination and fires spread, and dams break and flood.
  • These environmental hazards can cause damage. When you buy a house in California, what should you look for?
  • When the hazards do happen, some places are severely impacted far more than others. That means they are more vulnerable.
  • Hospitals, skyscrapers, and cities are more vulnerable to life-threatening situations than soccer fields or rural lands.
  • When you take a chance that is based on your knowledge of hazards and vulnerability, that is called a risk.
  • We take risks everyday to preserve our lifestyle, especially when it comes to living near active faults.
  • Risks are based on hazards and vulnerability, which these are overlooked by builders who assume that the San Andreas fault is the only fault in town.
  • The more you get to know about the earth you live on, the lesser risks you can live around.