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Quality improvement and results PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality improvement and results

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Quality improvement and results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standards & Best Practices Committee. Quality improvement and results. This Year’s Goals:

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Quality improvement and results

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standards best practices

This Year’s Goals:

S&BP Committee will work this year on developing an Illinois Supportive Housing checklist which will allow for a universally understood definition of supportive housing based on characteristics that are included in all SH.

Developing trainings that will support the membership, especially around HEARTH implementation and changes in healthcare.

Creating Best Practices for assisting residents that are ready to move on from supportive housing.

Keeping attuned to HEARTH and ways to assist the membership in thinking, planning and adapting to the new changes.

Standards & Best practices
standards best practices1
Standards & Best Practices

Current Activities:

  • Supportive Housing Assessment Tool
    • (For defining housing as “supportive”) Currently used tools are being reviewed and best current practices identified for future use as an Assessment Tool).
  • Peer-to-Peer Support
    • Matching an expert with the person needing information, facilitating exchange of information.
  • Training Needs Assessment
    • The Committee has begun the process of identification of training needs of the Membership.
    • CSH, with SHPA and HAIL, is surveying the Membership.
    • This survey will guide future training offerings.
  • “Moving On” Resource Development
    • Review of Assessment Tools used by Members to determine readiness for “moving out” of supportive housing with the idea of developing a standardized assessment tool
  • .
standards best practices2
Standards & Best Practices

More Current Activities

  • Updating the Dimensions of Quality
    • The Committee is providing input to CSH for the re-design of the Dimensions of Quality to be more “user friendly” and use-able.
  • One Time Funding Opportunity

Through a one-time funding opportunity from IDHS, SHPA has been able to partner with CSH on delivery of a set of beginning level trainings on the HEARTH Act, scheduled for five locations around the State. These trainings will be offered within the month of May. These two-day training sessions will be offered in:






standards best practices3

Join this exciting committee to assist us in our work this year!

We meet on the Fourth Monday of the Month at 10am (see schedule included in packet).

Your participation is welcomed and needed! Simply fill out the Get On Board With SHPA Form included in your packet and return it to Dave Thomas or Lore Baker.

Standards & Best practices