voip in thailand and sea n.
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VoIP in Thailand and SEA PowerPoint Presentation
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VoIP in Thailand and SEA

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VoIP in Thailand and SEA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VoIP in Thailand and SEA. Dr. Donyaprueth Krairit (donya@ait.ac.th) Assistant Professor School of Management Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Pathumthani, THAILAND. Agenda. VoIP Potentials Why is VoIP an important issue ? Thailand VoIP Situation & Environment Regulatory & Policies

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VoIP in Thailand and SEA

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    1. VoIP in Thailand and SEA Dr. Donyaprueth Krairit (donya@ait.ac.th) Assistant Professor School of Management Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Pathumthani, THAILAND

    2. Agenda • VoIP Potentials • Why is VoIP an important issue ? • Thailand VoIP Situation & Environment • Regulatory & Policies • Business • QoS issue • Future directions • Other SEA Countries

    3. VoIP Potentials • Savings on long-distance calls • Bypass monopoly providers of telecom services • Lack of regulatory hurdles • Internet is the IP-based networks. • Technically, low entry barriers. • Help in the concept of “universal service”??

    4. Why is VoIP an important issue? • Technically, a voice transmission in data packets. • What regulations/policies to use to govern this new form of transmission? • Regulate as voice communication • Regulate as data communication • What is voice communication, anyway? • Is voice communication a “basic” service?

    5. Telecom Providers in Thailand • TOT Corporation (formerly, the Telephone Organization of Thailand) • Domestic voice communications • CAT Corporation (formerly, the Communication Authority of Thailand) • International voice communications • Data communications

    6. Regulatory Framework • TOT and CAT are both operators and regulators. • They give concessions based on the BTO scheme to winning bidders on selected services. • The concessions could be of the same kind due to overlapping roles and authority.

    7. Competition: Domestic Calls • Domestic long-distance calls • Cellular BTO providers receiving the concessions from both TOT and CAT offer competitive rates. • Only VoIP service will enable TOT to compete with the concessionaires. • Y-TEL1234 is already in service and doing well.

    8. Competition: International Calls • Completely monopolized by CAT with no competition from BTO operators. • However, CAT is still suffered from international call back services, e-mail, and other Internet-based services. • CAT therefore decided to go with VoIP for international long-distance services. The service is called “e-Phone,” flat-rate priced at about 50% lower than traditional calls.

    9. Competition: Internet Service • Under the monopoly domain of the CAT. • 18 ISP concessionaires • Different from other BTO concessions because they are based on a profit-sharing scheme, and not revenue-sharing scheme. • Result: Highest Internet service in the SEA region.

    10. Specific Policies on VoIP • VoIP is prohibited. • All Internet traffic have to go through CAT international gateways. • Violators are threatened to have their concessions withdrawn.

    11. QoS of VoIP in Thailand • No QoS enforced both in terms of latency and accessibility. • TOT VoIP domestic service claims to have delay comparable to that of mobile phones. • CAT VoIP international service still faces problems about accessibility and latency.

    12. Future Directions (Thailand) • The establishment of the National Telecommunications Committee (NTC) as an independent regulatory body. • The Telecommunications Act is in the approval process from the Parliament. • Long-term policy goal is set for liberalization.

    13. Future of Internet in Thailand • EdNet • Inter/Intranet link for 10,000 schools • MOI network expansion • E-Citizen project • TOT VoIP Phase 3

    14. VoIP in Other SEA Countries • Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore: VoIP licenses • Cambodia and Laos: • Available but illegal • Cambodian military police have detained 20 foreigners on an alleged IDD bypass scam using an unlicensed IDD gateway.

    15. VoIP in Other SEA Countries • Vietnam: • The Posts and Telematics Ministry has suspended the sales of FPT Telecom’s Internet phone card service. • Allow only outbound Internet-based calls from computers to computers and from computers to telephones while prohibiting inbound Internet phone calls.

    16. QoS of VoIP in SEA • Only Singapore has clear QoS results on • System Accessibility • Service Activation • Number of complaints • Philippines ask for QoS but does not enforce. • Thailand has informal user surveys.

    17. Future of VoIP in SEA • Move toward enterprise VoIP and Private leased-line infrastructure • IP telephony gateway over conventional PABX • Consolidation?!?