kunyung primary school middle unit camp n.
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Kunyung Primary School Middle Unit Camp

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Kunyung Primary School Middle Unit Camp - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kunyung Primary School Middle Unit Camp. YMCA Camp Manyung Rob Cummins Service Director. History about Camp Manyung. Owned by State Government (SRV) Leased by the YMCA since 1998 Leased until 2020 by YMCA The oldest operating campsite in Victoria

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kunyung primary school middle unit camp

Kunyung Primary School Middle Unit Camp

YMCA Camp Manyung

Rob Cummins

Service Director

history about camp manyung
History about Camp Manyung
  • Owned by State Government (SRV)
  • Leased by the YMCA since 1998
  • Leased until 2020 by YMCA
  • The oldest operating campsite in Victoria
  • Original camp layout designed with Walter Burley Griffin
  • New Accommodation built in 2006
camp manyung values education model
Camp Manyung Values Education Model


  • Natural world, Diversity (our differences), Property


Self (belongings, decision making, independence),

Community , Safety, using initiative


  • No bullying, building community, belonging,

Be Your Best

  • Give everything your best shot.
how we operate
How we operate
  • All activities are in line with Industry standards.
    • ratios, qualifications of staff, supervision
  • We encourage all students and Staff to use Challenge by Choice.
  • We believe the Camp is the total experience from arrival to departure, not just the activities that the students complete.
    • Things that are equally important are meal duties, looking themselves, each other and the environment.
  • Duty manager onsite at all times to respond to emergencies
  • We cater for most dietary requirements
  • Policies and procedures for the operation of all activities
  • Risk Assessments for all activities
  • Camp commences with safety briefings for staff and students.

Adults attending:

Kunyung Staff: Kelly Virgona, Pauline Simpson, Renee O’Brien, Jenny Williams, David Barnes

Parents:Kelly Hughes, Scott Bradford, Chelsea Howson, Tim Perkin, Andrew Spence, Russell Daff, Sam Dalla Santa, Jenny Warner and Elizabeth Caller, Penny Williams

This ensures our ratio of 1:10 is met!


We believe that it is important for your child to have an independent experience while on camp. However, in the event of an emergency we can be contacted via the camp office on 9788 1100 during business hours. After hours you can contact Kelly Virgonaor Pauline Simpson.

We assure that in the event of an emergency at camp every effort will be made to contact you on the numbers that you have provided.


To ensure that all students experience a safe and happy camp it is imperative that student behaviour is of an exemplary standard. Please impress on your child the need for sensible and considerate behaviour. As with all school activities inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with according to Kunyung procedures.


Arriving at Camp

As you are aware, on Wednesday the 31st of July, parents will be required to drop students at Camp Manyung. Students should arrive between 10 and 10.30am. We ask that students do not arrive before 10am as it is important that we do not interfere with another school group that will be using the camp facilities prior to their departure.


Collecting Students From Camp

On Friday the 2nd of August, parents will be required to collect students from the camp between 2.30 and 3pm. When collecting students, parents will need to notify the student’s classroom teacher prior to departure. If your child is to be collected by someone other than yourself, you will need to inform your child’s classroom teacher, in writing, prior to the camp.

student responsibility
Student Responsibility

We believe the Camp is the total experience from arrival to departure, not just the activities that the students complete. Things that are equally important are meal duties, dishwashing, looking after themselves, each other and the environment.


Designed for maximum supervision


Between 4 and 7 beds per room

All have cooling and heating.

activity cabin groups
Activity & Cabin Groups

Activity groups have approximately 15 students in each. These groups have been organised in consultation with students.

Each room sleeps 4 - 7 students. Every effort has been made to place students in Cabin groups with as many friends as possible.

  • Activities include:

Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Bike Education, Canoeing, Tree Climbing, Archery/Geo Caching, Low Ropes, Bush-cooking, Games

Every student will have the chance to complete every activity.

tree climbing
Tree Climbing

Students are belayed as they climb 10m high using both tree branches and staples placed in the tree. Participants wear a sit and chest harness and are belayed by a qualified YMCA staff member.


Flying Fox

This 120m long aerial runway provides a thrilling ride through the ti-trees whilst looking ahead to Port Phillip Bay.

giant swing
Giant Swing

Soar high or enjoy a gentle swing whilst capturing a birds eye view across Port Phillip Bay. This is a challenge by choice activity where participants are encouraged to move outside their comfort zone. Each participant is harnessed and hauled into the air, by their team. Once at the desired height, participants will pull the release cord to send themselves swinging.

geo caching
Geo Caching

Geo-coaching: a popular activity in overseas camps, participants use a GPS to navigate their way around the camp to complete different tasks.


Introduction to the basic skills of canoeing and consolidation of these skills through a series of group games in canoes. Successful canoeing relies on teamwork and good communication.

bush cooking

Cook up some bush food treats.

Bush Cooking
  • Cook up some bush food treats.
bike education
Bike Education

The Bike Education program is an adaptation of the Vic Roads Bike Education Program. It teaches participants bike handling skills through a series of activities and includes basic bike maintenance.

low ropes
Low Ropes

19 linked, low to the ground elements, where partners “spot” each other to develop teamwork.


Develop problem solving and communication skills with a series of interesting activities.

evening activities
Evening Activities

Wednesday Night

Students will participate in the 2013 Middle Camp Challenge.

Thursday Night

Students will have a quiet night in watching a PG rated movie.

what to pack for my child
What to pack for my child
  • For DAY 1
  • Morning tea. Lunch and drink in disposable wrapping (please do not include soft drink, lollies or chocolate in your child’s day 1 packed lunch as they are not permitted at camp)
  • Water bottle (to be used whilst on camp)
      • Sleeping bag
      • Pillow
      • Fitted Sheet
      • Cuddly toy (optional)
      • Please note:
      • It is imperative that students be provided with warm clothing as the majority of activities will be conducted outdoors including evening activities
      • Waterproof raincoat is essential (nylon jackets, sweatshirts and fleeces are not waterproof)
      • Waterproof pants (optional)
      • 3 x T-shirts
      • 3 x warm jumpers
      • 3 x long pants e.g. tracksuit pants or cargo pants
      • 4 x socks
      • 4 x underwear
      • Pyjamas
      • Slippers (optional)
      • Beanie
      • 2 x comfortable footwear (Must be a closed toe shoe, like a runner)
      • Shoes for canoeing (Must have a heel strap to stop them falling off in the water)
      • Spare clothes for example old pants, t’shirt and jumper for canoeing


      • Towel
      • Thongs for showering
      • Personal toiletries (tooth brush, soap, etc)
      • Torch
      • Camera (optional and carried by students at own risk)
      • 2 x Pens for writing
      • Plastic bags for storing wet/dirty clothing (especially clothing worn during canoeing activity)
  • All medications should be placed in the container in Room 6 at Kunyung PS before 5.00pm on Tuesday 30th July.
  • Asthma sufferers are required to carry ventolin and spacers with them at all times during camp. We suggest that these be carried in a bum bag to minimise risk of loss or misplacement.
      • Money
      • Electronic gadgets e.g. IPods, computers games.
      • Food (including lollies)
      • Jewellery or valuables
      • Mobile phone
      • Aerosol containers e.g. spray deodorants

To ensure that medication is in close proximity to students at all times we would like medications currently stored in sick bay at school to accompany students via the group leader (responsible adult) throughout the entire camp. Prior to camp please ensure that the medication you have provided the school with is current and remains within the expiry date. We will organise for these packs to be transported to camp.

In addition to this, we request that you provide a back up supply of your child’s medication which will be stored in a central area with other medications.



  • Please ensure that your child’s medication is placed in the container in Room 8 at Kunyung PS on Tuesday 30th July.
  • Medication is to be in a zip lock bag, clearly labelled with child’s name, dosage and time taken.
  • Kelly Virgona and Pauline Simpson will administer medication during the camp.
  • Asthmatics will be required to carry their medication with them at all times in a ‘bum bag’.
  • Anaphylactics’ medication will be carried by the adult in charge of their group at all times. Backup supplies will be stored in a central area with other first aid supplies.
  • All teachers have a list of special medical and dietary requirements.
  • Example of the Menu
    • Breakfast
        • Cereal and Toast plus one of the following
            • Bacon and Eggs, Pancakes
    • Lunch
        • Hamburgers, Chicken & salad wraps
    • Dinner
        • Chicken Maryland, Lasagne & salad
    • Morning Tea/Afternoon Tea
        • Home cooked Biscuits or Muffins
        • Fresh Fruit
  • No news is good news
  • Any questions?