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Garnishments Made Easy in Microsoft Dynamics GP PowerPoint Presentation
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Garnishments Made Easy in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Garnishments Made Easy in Microsoft Dynamics GP
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Garnishments Made Easy in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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  1. Garnishments Made Easy in Microsoft Dynamics GP

  2. Garnishments Made Easy Terry Heley Escalation Engineer Microsoft Corporation

  3. Agenda • What are Garnishments? • Setup of a Garnishment • Deduction Sequence • Garnishment Reporting • Payroll Integration to Payables • Payroll Year-End Update • Support Blog

  4. What Is A Garnishment • Mandatory deductions including: • Court ordered payments • Child support • Marital support • Student loans • Tax levies

  5. Garnishment Deductions • A Garnishment Deduction Type was added to the Deduction Setup window, with 5 garnishment categories.

  6. Garnishment Deductions A Garnishment Maximum Setup window was added to allow users to define the state and federal rules that regulate maximum amounts for varying garnishment types.

  7. Garnishment Deductions Earnings Codes Setup is used to determine the amount of earnings to apply to Deductions calculations. You can assign in mass here, or per deduction at the employee level. For example, only on gross wages of the employee’s salary pay code will be used to calculate the garnishment.

  8. Garnishment Deductions Assign these to the employee garnishment deductions. Notice, the additional informational fields added as well.

  9. Version 10.0 and forward gives you the ability to prioritize how deductions are taken from employee pay. Use the Deduction Sequence Setup window to set the order at a company level for standard deductions, such as medical insurance. Use the Employee Deduction Sequence Setup window to set the order at an employee level for other deductions, such as Garnishments. Deduction Sequencing

  10. Deduction Sequencing – Company Level New move buttons were added as well as the ability to put a regular deduction in front of a TSA deduction.

  11. Deduction Sequencing – Employee A Split method column was added and can be used when a garnishment deduction has the same priority to be withheld from employee’s wages. **Must be a garnishment deduction.

  12. Assign Garnishments - Employee

  13. Garnishment Reports

  14. Garnishment Reports

  15. Used to create Purchasing transactions for Payroll generated expenses These Purchasing transactions can be used to generate checks or EFT payments to vendors Automatically creates Payables voucher during posting process in Payroll for the following items: Federal, FICA, State and Local Taxes Company Deductions Employee Deductions Company Benefits Employee Benefits No current functionality for Reported or Charged Tips Payroll Integration to Payables

  16. Associate Payroll transactions to vendors Payroll Vendor Setup

  17. Payroll Integration to Payables Pay subject to Federal tax

  18. Payroll Integration to Payables Calculate checks report with federal tax withheld.

  19. Payroll Integration to Payables When payroll is posted a batch will be created in Payables

  20. Payroll Integration to Payables Payables transaction with Federal tax withheld

  21. Payroll Integration to Payables Payroll Extensions Overtime Rate Manager Payroll integration to Payables Deduction in arrears

  22. 2011 U.S. Payroll Year-End • W-2 form changes • W-3 form changes (new employer type) • Electronic File Format changes • Table changes • Healthcare on Benefits • Fixed Assets Luxury Depreciation • Payables 1099 Div

  23. Dynamics GP Support Blog • Check out the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog -Word Templates -Year-end changes -Hot Topics