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Navigating Life’s Transitions PowerPoint Presentation
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Navigating Life’s Transitions

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Navigating Life’s Transitions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Navigating Life’s Transitions. Jeanne Loehnis, Life Coach Songs For Your Spirit, LLC. The only constant in life is change! . Learning to navigate changes in life, transitions big and small, with ease is an art … and is critical  for your growth as a person and leader .

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Navigating Life’s Transitions

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    1. Navigating Life’s Transitions Jeanne Loehnis, Life CoachSongs For Your Spirit, LLC

    2. The only constant in life is change! Learning to navigate changes in life, transitions big and small, with ease is an art … and is critical for your growth as a person and leader. Whether the change is by choice or by force, desired or dreaded, instantaneous or planned, how you approachchange and respond to its impact is key to sustaining the life you desire and the energy to live it fully. How do you want to experience this life?

    3. If you won the Mega Millions Lottery today…

    4. What would you stop doing? • What would you do instead? • What would change in your home life? • What would it feel like? • What "rules" that you now live by … • would become obsolete? • What relationships would change? • Deepen? End? • What would you need to learn? • What would you need to un-learn? • What would it take to be ready … • to win the lottery?

    5. What types of changes or • transitions occur in a lifetime? • Relationships: marriage/divorce/friendships/aging parents • Children: birth, death, step, empty nest, child to adult • Health: slow degradation, intentional wellness programs, addiction, recovery, sudden illness or accident, temporary or permanent disability in you or someone you love • Job: hire, fire, new supervisor, obsolescence, downsizing, new tasks, new colleagues, retirement • Location: move cross country for job, spouse, retirement • Beliefsystems: you re-evaluate and change, someone dear to you changes what they believe • There are changes you DESIRE and changes you DREAD

    6. WRITE IT DOWN! • What are some of the changes, some of the life transitions, that you have recently navigated? • What transitions do you face now?

    7. When do life’s changes happen? • All of a sudden – win the lottery or car accidents • Planned – marriage or education • Ongoing and often unnoticed – physical aging, job tasks that shift from exciting to boring, relationships gradually grow or decline

    8. When is it time to create change?

    9. When is it time to create change? • Life is uncomfortable or out of balance • Boredom reigns • Stress has taken over • Experiencing health challenges • Others are changing around us and we need to respond • Your turn…

    10. WRITE IT DOWN! • Where is your life suggesting that change is needed? • Even if you don’t feel ready, or don’t want it, or believe you will not take any action, write it down!

    11. What blocks us, keeps us • from making changes? • Fear of the unknown • Fear of embarrassment • Fear of failure • Fear of making bad or wrong decisions • What keeps us from successfully navigating change?

    12. When navigating change … six things to keep in mind…

    13. #1: Make Space

    14. #2: Support-Relationship-Community

    15. #3: Emotional Impact

    16. #4: Vision-Dreams-Innovation

    17. #5: Create Plan-Blueprint-Take Action

    18. #6: Universal Guidance

    19. Your Change Inventory: • What CHANGE is imminent? • What will create needed SPACE? • What SUPPORT is needed? • What EMOTIONS are present? • What do you VISION? • What PLAN or ACTION is next? • What UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE awaits?

    20. A few things to remember: The “steps” cycle, often round and round and not necessarily in the order listed! We grow stronger, more flexible and more confident with each transition. Change is constant – we choose our attitude: From FEAR  To FAILURE From ACCEPTANCE  To POSSIBILITY! What do you choose?

    21. Dwell In Possibility What is possibility? What single focus is promising?What is behind you?What do you expect?What if you didn't? What is possible?Where do you dwell?What is your unique sparkle?What lies beyond the expected?What is your difference?What is your strength?What weakens you?What feels promising?If you are the one, what stops you?How do you 'over do'?What are you being when in pure possibility?

    22. Jeanne Loehnis, Inward Journey Life Coach Songs For Your Spirit, LLC INSPIRATION CARDS: $10/set Interested in Coaching? I will stick around awhile!