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Geometry Scavenger Hunt Examples

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Geometry Scavenger Hunt Examples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geometry Scavenger Hunt Examples. The Lumar Building on the corner of Sixth and Central in Holland.

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The building is shown in three point perspective. Two vanishing points can be seen where the blue and red orthogonal lines intersect to the left and right of the building. The other (where the green orthogonals intersect) occurs above this slide. Notice that three-point perspective gives a bit of distorted picture of the building.


The tiles form a non-regular tessellation of a rhombus. There are two different vertex arrangements. One is labeled with a red dot, where three rhombi come together, and the other with a yellow dot, where six rhombi come together. Also notice that you can see many different shapes in this tessellation. For example there is a six-pointed star, cubes, and a couple of different size hexagons. Can you see any other shapes?


There are a number of rectangles in the window that are approximately golden. The ratio of the long side to the short side of the three outlined are 1.60, 1.59, and 1.67. The golden ratio is approximately 1.62.


This daylily has three lines of symmetry. This is also called D3 symmetry. An object with three lines of symmetry, like this flower, also has three rotations of symmetry.

In addition, the photo is cropped so that it is a golden rectangle.