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  1. ERIC CARLE STUDY 2008-2009 Our Lady of Peace School Columbus, Ohio, USA Ms. Susan Gruber - Kindergarten

  2. Mrs. Gruber’s kindergarten class at • Our Lady of Peace School has been studying a famous American children’s author. His name is Eric Carle. Mr. Carle writes and illustrates books for children. He also illustrates books other authors write. Mr. Carle paints paper in beautiful colors. He then cuts the paper into shapes and makes collage pictures. He is most famous for his book called • The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

  3. Spencer Ru. made a collage turtle! He painted brown paper and green paper before he cut out the parts of the turtle!

  4. Belle made a collage picture of her mother! She says her mother makes great milkshakes!

  5. Nicholas made a cricket. He painted his paper before he made the collage!

  6. Maddie made a cat! She cut out legs, a tail and whiskers!

  7. Adam L. made a cricket! Mr. Carle wrote a book called The Very Quiet Cricket.

  8. Adam made a white bunny playing in the grass!

  9. Abby made a collage of her older sister, Elizabeth! Elizabeth is in the third grade.

  10. Elizabeth made a beautiful bird and a colorful butterfly!

  11. Adam L. made a collage of a beetle. The beetle has skinny brown legs and black eyes!

  12. Mary Kate made a colorful cat! The cat has a red tail!

  13. Spencer Re. made an octopus! The octopus has eight beautiful legs!

  14. Maddie made a brown bear, the sun and a purple butterfly!

  15. Spencer Ru., Belle and Abby made ladybugs!

  16. Abby made a cat! It has four legs, two ears and a tail!

  17. Spencer Re.’s collage is a seahorse.

  18. Nicholas made a collage of a beetle!

  19. We watched a movie about Mr. Carle. He was the narrator! Mr. Carle showed us the studio where he works. He also showed us how he paints his paper and how he cuts the paper. He showed us how he makes caterpillars!

  20. Spencer Re. made a caterpillar after he saw what Mr. Carle did to make his!

  21. If you want to read more about Mr. Carle, he has a website. The web address is