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Google Power Tools. ‘Get A Handle On The Cutting Edge’ Sara Newman Distance Learning & TLC Coordinator South Seattle Community College Bill Newman Information Technology Instructor Seattle Community Colleges Content Management (CM).

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Presentation Transcript
google power tools

Google Power Tools

‘Get A Handle On The Cutting Edge’

Sara Newman

Distance Learning & TLC Coordinator

South Seattle Community College

Bill Newman

Information Technology Instructor

Seattle Community Colleges

content management cm
Content Management (CM)
  • As “content emitters”, people want to Collaborate, Search and Store
  • Feature Rich AND Simple - hard to do both
  • High priority for Corporations & Organizations
  • New Frontier for the Web?
content management cm tools
Content Management (CM) Tools

The technologies used to:

  • Capture/Create
  • Collaborate
  • Manage
  • Store
  • Deliver... digital files (images, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc.)
educational cm challenges
Educational CM Challenges
  • Low adoption rates
  • Varying tech skill levels
  • Not always appropriate
  • Busy, underpaid, underappreciated
  • Can't force people to use
  • If ‘IT’ not main focus, must be “High Gain, Low Pain”
content management solutions
Content Management Solutions?
  • Proprietary Tools
  • Custom & Open Source Tools
  • Web Tools
proprietary tools
Proprietary Tools

Sharepoint, ThinkFree

  • High Implementation Cost
  • Ongoing Licensing
  • Low Adoption Rates
  • Labor Intensive
  • Security Concerns
  • Hardware Upgrades?
  • Questionable Purchase?
custom tools
Custom Tools

Some limitations as Proprietary Tools, and in addition:

  • Support Concerns
  • Continued Development (DIY?)
  • Higher Labor, Support costs, or both
integrated web tools
Integrated Web Tools

Google Apps, Zoho

  • Work Entirely Through a Browser
  • Handle Access to Documents
  • Allow Collaboration & Sharing of Documents
  • Additional Rich Content Features
google apps what are they
Google Apps (what are they?)
  • Web Based Tools
  • Office Style Documents
  • Encourages Collaboration
  • Documents Always Accessible
  • Integrated Search
google apps vs google tools
Google Apps vs. Google Tools
  • Google Tools is a generic term for all tools provided by Google
  • Google Apps is a specific bundle of tools and services (set up video!) (the steps!)

google the verb
Google – The Verb
  • Declared a verb in 2006 (Added to Merriam Webster and Oxford English dictionaries)
  • Ubiquitous, but in a good way?
  • Sets standards for search
  • Sets standards for less intrusive ads
  • High embedded adoption among public
  • Growing and developing continually
google tools commonly used by educators when not using google apps
GOOGLE TOOLS commonly used by educators …(when not using Google Apps)
  • BLOGGER– Great for Journaling & Feedback
  • CALENDARS– integrated into websites!
  • DOCS– Spreadsheet, Word Processing, Presentation collaboration! (great 2 min video about value)
  • GMAIL– Has chat tool, recognizes calendar events, can easily forward mail to preferred e-mail acct., etc.!
  • GROUPS– Discussion Board with file sharing and page creation capabilities.
  • PAGE CREATOR– We don’t need to be web developers! Get 3 sub-domains & 100 MB of free space!
  • PICASA – Digital image/video storage & sharing
  • SEARCH – integration in all tools!
google app editions
Google AppEditions
  • FREE – 6.5 GB, per user, with Ads
  • FREE EDUCATION– 6.5 GB, per user
  • PREMIUM– 25 GB, ($50, per acct. yearly)


And continually adding new features!

google apps for organization
Google Apps - For Organization
  • Upload, Create, Store, Share & Collaborate
  • Low Hardware/Software requirements
  • Low ongoing costs
  • Integrate & collaborate
  • Easy & Self Evident Interface and setup
  • Embedded public acceptance
  • No vendor lock!!
  • Cross Platform!!
  • Less Support Required
google apps for education
Google Apps - For Education
  • Branding
  • More Document Space
  • Integration for Students, Teachers, Committee Work
  • Customized Email Addressing
  • Calendar Integration
  • Single Sign On
  • Intranet Access Control
  • Reduced Campus Security
try it
Try it!
  • Low Risk
  • Security Concerns Decrease
  • School Resources Decrease
  • No mandatory hardware/software upgrades
  • No ongoing costs
  • Low Adoption? (no cost)

(What’s In It For Me?)

Faculty from Missouri? (Show Me State)

Tools Should be:

    • Quick To Use and Learn
    • Self Evident (Easy to understand)
    • Useful in at least one obvious way
  • Demonstrate use for:

Accreditation, committees, departments, classes and personal use

click me
Click Me

People of today are results oriented.

  • If tools aren't easy, (self evident) and expose their value quickly, they are quickly bypassed
  • Google Tools and Apps are designed with a simple interface
  • Google wishes to set the high bar for reaching the lowest common denominator
  • Document formatting not as rich, yet 
  • Navigation moves, on occasion 
  • Documentation can be lacking
  • Attempt to be self-evident, not always so
  • Number of available tools dwarfs the important ones (calendar, & integration)
show me
Show Me!

Google Tools (not Google Apps) support page for SSCC Educators:


Google Apps (SSCC) Small (no audio) video of what we have so far (we just started this week!) – best viewed in Internet Explorer:

testimonials and support info
Testimonials and Support info

Educator/University testimonial videos!

Admin features:

Tours and Demos:

why google apps
Why Google Apps?

Requires Less:

  • Support - School Resources – Security


  • Collaboration
  • Integration
  • School branding

Bottom Line:

High gain, low pain 

assessment and evaluation
Assessment and Evaluation
  • Please fill out Educause Assessment forms
  • For further help/information please contact Sara Newman anytime at…


SSCC Office phone (206) 768-6698

Thank you! :)