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Mount structure concept

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Mount structure concept - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aug 16-2009 KHANH. 1) Aluminum structure. 2) Structure design for holding Newport mirror mount because of its compact. 3) FM1 assy can be manually adjusted in vertical direction. 4) FM2 assay can be adjusted in horizontal direction. Mount structure concept. FM1.

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mount structure concept

Aug 16-2009


1) Aluminum structure.

2) Structure design for holding Newport

mirror mount because of its compact.

3) FM1 assy can be manually adjusted

in vertical direction.

4) FM2 assay can be adjusted in horizontal


Mount structure concept


FM1 & FM2 Mount structure design

)versized base plate for ease of clamp

On the bench

Newport mirror mounts with 6” mirror


fm1 fm2 mount structure design
FM1 & FM2 Mount structure design

Displacement analysis

The displacement of the structure is greatest when it is in

horizontal position as shown. The flexure analysis is only

focus on the FM1 mounting shaft, which has the greater

distance from the base.

Empty structure weight : 10.5 lbs

Each mirror mount assy weight : 8 lbs max.

(assy includes mirror, Newport mount, mount bracket

and shaft)

  • - Structure constrain at the base (no translation)
  • Entire structure (includes FM1 & FM2 assy)
  • under gravity.
  • Displacement result:
  • FM1 mounting shaft displacement relative
  • to the fixed base :
  • .009 mm (linear)
  • 0.0015 (rotation) = 5.4arc sec
  • With the allowable flexure of 10arc sec,the
  • structure‘s stiffness is acceptable.

FM2 mounting shaft

FM1 mounting shaft

mirror holder modification
Mirror holder modification

Newport P/N 625-RC6

1) Component replacement:

  • T increase the stiffness of the mirror mount, The compression
  • Spring must be replaced with higher spring rate.
  • Existing spring rate : 9 lbs/in
  • - New spring rate 17.7 lbs/in

2) Structure modification

3 Retainer are mounted on the shell of Newport mirror mount, which can rotate around the screw to clamp or

Release the mirror. These retainers are totally clear of an required aperture.

Area represents the required

Aperture of 116mm in diameter

Spring plunger

with nylon ball tip

1.5 to 3 lbs load

Retainer in mirror holding position

Retainer in position for mirror release

fm3 mount structure design

Because of space constrain.some

  • Conditions must be met:
  • Compact design of the mirror mount
  • adaptor assy.
  • Vertacal orientation of the mirror mount.

FM3 Mount structure design

8” Mirror mount

Photosigma #112-4460

fm3 mount flexure
FM3 Mount flexure

Gravity in Z-dir



Gravity in X-dir


fm3 mount flexure1
FM3 Mount flexure

Gravity in X-dir

Gravity in Z-dir

Flexure in X-dir

Flexure in Z-dir

Unit in [arc sec]

Mount structure weight : 9.4 lbs

Optosigma mirror mount weight : 4.9 lbs

8” mirror estimate weight : 4 lbs

howfs acam

Partial HOWF assy is shown

howfs acam1

Collimating mirror

mount #2

Lens mount (CO1)

Focus camera assy

(shown with dark cover)

Adaptor plate

By using adaptor plate,the entire optical assembly can be installed or removed from the stage

without disturbing an optical alignment.

howfs acam2

Dark cover structure

Main dark cover

Snap-in rubber profile

for light seal

howfs acam3


(part of dark cover)

Lens out of beam configuration

howfs acam4

Focus camera assy lay-out

Dark cover

Camera assy

Pins installed to ensure the repeatability

of the camera assy


Array lens #1

Adjustment knobs will be replaced

With low profile hardware

howfs acam5

Flexure of the optical components of the focus camera assy


Gravity in Y-dir

Gravity in Z-dir



Camera weight = 3 lbs

Array lens assy : 1 lb max

howfs acam6

Flexure of the main optic mount struture


Loads apllied to the maun structure as follow:

*1 : Focus camera assy = 15 lbs

*2 : Lenslet assy with stages = 4 lbs

*3 : Acam. Lens mount assy with stage = 4 lbs

*4 : Field lens mount assy = 1 lb

*5 : Acam M2 assy = 1 lb









flexure of the main optic mount struture
Flexure of the main optic mount struture

Deflection of the focus camera assy in Y-dir under gravity

Max. allowable flexure 1.2 µm = 0.1 arc sec/hr

From FEA : 0.27 µm = .022 arcsec /hr

howfs acam7

Total flexure of

Optic mount struture

Total flexure of

MPA-CC stage

Total flexure of

UTS50 stage

Total flexure of

ATS150 stage




.012 arcsec .05 arcsec ? ≤ 0.1 arcsec/hr

(Z-dir) .0184 arcsec

(Y-dir) .0164 arcsec

howfs acam8

Field stop assy using existing components

Adjustment direction

Adjustment direction

Cut for


howfs acam9

Work progress:

- All fabrication parts are released .

- Assy drawing completed and

checked into the vault

- Need stage #461-XYZ-LH-M and

actuator #AJS100-0.5 ARE ON


Field stop assy usung XYZ stage

Direction of adjustment of mirror

Direction of adjustment of mirror

Newport XYZ stage

Direction of adjustment

Of mirror

howfs acam10

Field stop assy usung XYZ stage

Field stop assy

howfs acam11

Main dark cover design and installation

Main dark cover with

Captive hardware

Sliding posts

Baffle tube

(part of the dark cover)

To prevent the dark cover from striking

the fold mirror assy during an installation

of the cover,two long posts are mounted

in place as shown for the cover to slide


The dark cover will be engaged with

the posts first before sliding past the fold

mirror assy .

howfs acam12

Top view of the optical bench

dm 3368
DM 3368

-Completed all detail drawings,but not yet to release for fabrication

Design concept

Frame shown with DM assy in place

DM holding frame assy

Weight :8.6 lbs

dm 33681
DM 3368

Flexure analysis





Block to represent the DM3368 assy for analysis

(weight approx. 57 lbs)