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Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mount Fuji. By: Krysta Miller. Before and After. Mount Fuji is famous for its perfectly symmetrical cone. . The last eruption was predicted to be about 350 years ago.

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Mount Fuji

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    1. Mount Fuji By: Krysta Miller

    2. Before and After

    3. Mount Fuji is famous for its perfectly symmetrical cone.

    4. The last eruption was predicted to be about 350 years ago.

    5. Mount Fuji is in Honshu, Japan. It is 60 miles southwest of Tokyo. The volcano rises 3500 meters above the surrounding plain.Mt. Fuji or Fujiyama is the highest mountain (3,776m or 12,285ft) in Japan.

    6. To the Japanese mind, Mount Fuji is more that just a single volcano. Climbing this mountain has long been a religious practice. It has exerted a great influence on Japanese culture.

    7. People are saying that Mount Fuji is about to awaken because of the signs that it is showing. New craters have appeared on the eastern side of the volcano. Steam was seen coming out of the vents and there is increased activity.

    8. Mount Fuji has erupted at least 16 times since 781 A.D. The most recent eruption was in 1707-1708. It ejected volcanic ash. People say it may erupt if a earthquake appears and causes cracks in the side of the mountain. Scientists say Mount Fuji began to erupt 10,000 years ago.

    9. Mount Fuji’s hot spot was created about 2 million years ago during a nearby continental collision.

    10. Back then there were no fancy tools like we have today. Today we use seismographs, GPS, and instruments that detect and measure volcanic gases.