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Accessing ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) Sullivan Library PowerPoint Presentation
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Accessing ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) Sullivan Library

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Accessing ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) Sullivan Library
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Accessing ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) Sullivan Library

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  1. Accessing ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) Sullivan Library

  2. What is ERIC? • The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a digital library of education-related resources, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education. • Coverage is from 1966 to current. • Accessed via: • the ERIC webpage • EBSCOhost through Chaminade’s WebPortal • directly through your WebCT account • Hawaii State Public Library system (with library card)

  3. Accessing ERIC: On the Web • ERIC search page: • contains Thesaurus for easier searching • Reports available through ERIC web are pay-per-view • ED: ERIC Document • EJ: ERIC Journal

  4. Accessing ERIC: through EBSCOHost on campus  • Sullivan Library (via Ebscohost): • click on PeriodicalsDatabases by Title • Links to full-text education journals • Links out to ERIC web to facilitate access to reports and documents not available within Ebsco (pay-per-view).

  5. Accessing ERIC: through EBSCOHost off campus  • Log into the WebPortal Online Services tab • Access through WebCT: • Institutional Bookmarks  Sullivan Library Electronic Resources • Click on the ERIC link

  6. Accessing ERIC: through EBSCOHost Hawaii State Public Library System • • Other Databases (left-hand column) • Click on ERIC  type in library card number

  7. ERIC through EBSCOhost To access Sullivan Library’s online periodical databases: Click on the Library link (indicated in the pink circle) or type in the URL

  8. ERIC through EBSCOhost The Periodicals link directs you to three (3) lists: Databases by Title: All periodical databases listed by title. Databases by Topic: Databases organized by subject. A-Z List: Journal titles (with online access) listed alphabetically.

  9. ERIC through EBSCOhost “Search all EBSCO Databases” allows you to choose multiple databases to search at one time. Useful for research projects which may span more than one subject area.

  10. ERIC through EBSCOhost Searching the Database: Enter topic and keywords in the Find box (remember Boolean!). Below, you can limit your search by date, journal name, full text only, etc. Hint! Clicking the Full Text box finds only those articles immediately available online through HTML or PDF.

  11. ERIC Advanced Searching Searching the Database continued: Advanced Search can search by title, author or subject by changing the Default Fields using the drop down boxes. Use “limiters” to help further narrow your search.

  12. ERIC Thesaurus Using the Ebsco Thesaurus: Useful for finding other phrases, keywords or terms to search. It will also highlight the words within the citation and the text of the article.

  13. Save the Articles! Save the Articles! Save the most promising articles by Adding them to your folder… …or, if full text is available, click on the title of the article…

  14. Save the Articles! Save the Articles! …and print, email, or save the article to a floppy disk, CD-ROM or flash drive. HINT! Email link will provide citation style.

  15. ERIC Document Linking Access to articles via: HTML, PDF, A-Z List, Title held locally “Full Text from ERIC” Takes you directly to the ERIC website; access PDF to print or download.

  16. A-Z List For articles listed as “A-Z List” or “title held locally”… …note the journal title, issue no., volume no., etc. of the article. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the A-Z List Periodicals link.

  17. A-Z List On the top right FIND box, do a search for the name of the journal. The A-Z list will tell you if the journal name is available online or in Paper (hardcopy). Availability is limited by date and any embargo (delay in access) is listed.

  18. ERIC Searching Tips Limiting Your Results: To help reduce the amount of articles found and/or to increase the amount of relevant results: • Use Boolean operators. • Choose “limiters,” such as: a date range, full text options, document type or publication title. • Consult a thesaurus (or use the Thesaurus link in Ebsco), subject encyclopedia or dictionary to find other terms to search and/or to ensure that the term and spelling you are using is correct.

  19. For Further ERIC Help If the article you require is unavailable through ERIC directly or Sullivan Library’s EBSCOHost database, you can request an Interlibrary Loan through Sullivan Library. Also, you can visit Hamilton Library at the University of Hawai`i which holds many ERIC documents on microform.

  20. Mahalo! For help and questions: 739-4660