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  1. MIXW via REMOTE CONTROL Rick Pemble AAR4WJ / W4RP

  2. MIXW is one of the most popular Digital Software Programs for HF • Single program provides many popular HF digital modes • CW • FAX • RTTY • AMTOR (no ARQ) • PACKET • PACTOR (no ARQ) • PSK • MFSK • THROB • FSK • MT63 • SSTV • Hellschreiber • Olivia

  3. Florida MARS Digital Modes • The Digital Modes commonly used in Florida Army MARS nets are: • PSK31 • OLIVIA • MT63 • MFSK

  4. Typical Setup RadioSoundI/F Sound CardI/F Jack HF RADIO COMPUTER RUNNINGMIXW SOFTWARE The Radio Sound Interface is usually connected to therear panel accessory connector or directly to the front panelMicrophone jack

  5. RigExpert Setup RadioSoundI/F USB RigExpert HF RADIO COMPUTER RUNNINGMIXW SOFTWARE With the RigExpert – NO sound card is necessary – it uses a USB jack on the computer and the accessory jack on the back of the Radio This provides Sound Input and Output as wellas Rig Control, CW, and FSK keying

  6. RigExpert To Computer I/F • The cable between the radio and the RigExpert can be a bit complicated • The RigExpert Connector is a DB-25 • It contains • Audio In / Audio Out • FSK Keying • PTT • CW Paddle Key • RS-232 Rig Control I/F • I’ll show you the schematic of the cable to my Kenwood TS-870S.....

  7. Kenwood TS-870S I/F Cable

  8. I Hate Building Cables • The makers of RigExpert also sell I/F cables for just about every HF rig. • If you want to make you own, here are the pinouts: http://www.rigexpert.com/RigExpertCableSchematics.html

  9. Running it all together • Now that we have the radio hooked up to the computer, lets get it working with the software • Install MixW on your computer and make sure it all works like advertised. • Next we’ll show how you set it up for remote control.

  10. ‘The Eye Of A Needle” • MIXW software provides a little known utility called “The Eye Of A Needle” or TEOAN • This allows the USB connection between the computer and the RigExpert to be extended by a computer network (locally) or through the Internet


  12. Setting up TEOAN 1) ON THE COMPUTER CONNECTEDTO THE RADIO, Run the program TEOAN from the MIXW Program Group Settings 2) Set the MixW RigExpertPort Number to the sameas it is set on your computer AND THAT IS IT! Unless you want to customizethe TCP Port

  13. Setting MixW on your Remote Computer Remote Setting ‘Normal’ (local) Setting Select the TEOAN DevicePut in the IP address of your home computer

  14. Then Run MixW on Your Laptop • To date, I check into the India net weekly from my hotel room in Fairfax County, VA • Olivia and MT63 modes • I have checked into the India net from the Atlanta Airport between flights • Using the airport 802.11 wireless internet access • I am able to change frequency and modes (USB/LSB) on the radio, tune, etc.

  15. What is Possible? • Anything. • MARS deployed to remote sites accessing the internet via cell phones connecting to the HF station in Ocala • MARS deployed to local EOCs with no HF but with Internet (typical hurricane scenario) using an HF station outside the emergency area (Ft. Huachuca, etc) • MARS members without HF equipment checking in to nets using MARS club equipment

  16. Two Limitations • Two Major (??) limitations to this • You can’t hear the signals – you can only see them on the falling raster display (or spectrum analyzer mode) • But that doesn’t seem to affect operations • You have to use the RigExpert Interface • I don’t KNOW IF THIS TRUE OR NOT,It is just what we have experimented with so far and determined • It IS expensive – but, it is NICE!!

  17. DEMONSTRATION • We will check in with the “Charlie” net using MT63

  18. Questions? 73 ES CUL DE AAR4WJ / W4RPaar4wj@w4rp.com