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Inventor 2008 - What’s New PowerPoint Presentation
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Inventor 2008 - What’s New

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Inventor 2008 - What’s New - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inventor 2008 - What’s New. AMS CAD Solutions Inventor 2008. Bringing 2D and 3D Together Learning and Adoption Everyday Drawing Productivity Sheet Metal for Manufacturing Integrated Simulation and Analysis More Design Power. Bringing 2D & 3D Together.

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Inventor 2008 - What’s New

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Presentation Transcript

Inventor 2008 - What’s New

AMS CAD Solutions

inventor 2008
Inventor 2008
  • Bringing 2D and 3D Together
  • Learning and Adoption
  • Everyday Drawing Productivity
  • Sheet Metal for Manufacturing
  • Integrated Simulation and Analysis
  • More Design Power
bringing 2d 3d together
Bringing 2D & 3D Together
  • Customer Needs
    • Share Inventor drawings with AutoCAD users
    • Open AutoCAD drawings in Inventor
    • Reuse AutoCAD geometry in Inventor
    • Update existing 2D projects using 3D design
    • Communicate with a single file
direct dwg save and dwg open

Create Inventor Drawing Views

  • View, Plot and Measure existing DWG files
  • No knowledge of AutoCAD required
  • Copy & paste into Inventor models

Save DWG

  • View, Plot and Measure in AutoCAD
  • Exceptional Visual Fidelity
  • Fully associative to the 3D model

Open DWG

Existing AutoCAD Drawing File

Direct DWG Save and DWG Open


use 3d on upgrade projects
Use 3D on Upgrade Projects

Redesign sub-assemblies in 3D

Generate new part and assembly drawings from the 3D model

Save in DWG

Insert into EXISTING AutoCAD drawings

communicate with a single file
Communicate with a Single File
  • Combine part and assembly drawings with schematics
  • Add hydraulic layouts to mechanical drawing package
  • Include equipment views within architectural layouts
learning and adoption
Learning and Adoption
  • Customer Needs
    • Reduce learning curve for sketch based design
    • Familiar, easy to learn user interface
    • Successful migration of MDT models
sketch constraint enhancements
Sketch & Constraint Enhancements
  • Simplified Constraint Tools
    • Reduced screen clutter
    • New Reference constraint
    • More visibility control
    • Remaining constraints required
  • Sketch Edit Tools
    • Move, rotate scale and stretch sketch entities while preserving unaffected constraints
  • Geometry formatting
    • Change color, line type, and line weight of sketch entities
autodesk application consistency
Autodesk Application Consistency
  • Updated User Interface
    • High Resolution Icons
    • XP Style Controls
  • Productivity Tools
    • Command Aliases
    • Repeat last command
    • Tool Tips and Status Text Update
    • Improved Shortcut/Alias management
mdt compatibility
MDT Compatibility
  • Accurate translation of
    • AMBEND Features
    • AMCOMBINE multi-body features
    • AMREVOLVE with terminations
    • Insert and Midpoint constraints
    • Feature color
  • Hidden Inventor views created for
    • Base Section Views
    • Deleted Parent Views
everyday drawing productivity
Everyday Drawing Productivity
  • Customer Needs
    • Ability to dimension using Isometric views
    • More control over detail views and revision tables
    • Improved standards compliance
drawing manager
Drawing Manager
  • Drawing View Enhancements
    • Dimension Isometric Views
    • Cross hatch in isometric views
    • Additional fence and cutout options
    • Circular call-outs for detail views
    • Section views support model sketch for cut-line
    • Hidden-lines in shaded views
    • Individual cut inheritance
    • View level visibility suppression
drawing manager 2
Drawing Manager – 2
  • Tables
    • Revision table styles
    • Sheet level revision control
    • Include iProperties in title blocks
  • Standards Support
    • ESKD arrowheads
    • Linear dim thread note
    • Radial dim text wrapping
drawing manager 3
Drawing Manager – 3
  • Other
    • Crosshatch by material style
    • NPT & tapered hole notes
    • Part mass in title block
    • BOM/Parts List Variables
sheet metal for manufacturing
Sheet Metal for Manufacturing
  • Customer Needs
    • Design sheet metal parts that can be cost effectively manufactured
    • Generate manufacturing drawings with bend and punch information
    • Configurable DXF output for manufacturing equipment
sheet metal modeling
Sheet Metal – Modeling
  • Improved Sheet Metal Tools
    • Support for multiple flanges in a single operation
    • Better control over corner conditions
    • Support for cut across bend
  • Flat Pattern Creation
    • Separate browser trees for folded and unfolded model
    • Add features in flat pattern
    • Alternate punch representations
sheet metal punch representation
Sheet Metal – Punch Representation
  • Table driven punch tools
    • Define punches using table driven iFeatures
  • Capture punch parameters
    • Punch ID
    • Punch Depth
  • Alternate Punch Reps.
    • Define sketch basedalternate representations
sheet metal documentation
Sheet Metal – Documentation
  • Manufacturing Drawings
    • Recover bend direction, angle and radius from the 3D model
    • Create bend and punch tables from the 3D model
    • Control of bend line styles
  • DXF Output
    • Layer Mapping and Export Control
    • Spline Simplification
    • XML File Customization
integrated simulation and analysis
Integrated Simulation and Analysis
  • Customer Needs
    • Use simulation to quickly verify design decisions
    • Improve FEA analysis with accurate loads and forces
    • Efficient analysis of thin walled parts
dynamic simulation
Dynamic Simulation
  • Automatic translation of assembly constraints into joints
  • Export Motion Loads for stress analysis over multiple time steps
  • Persist trace curves in sketches
stress analysis
Stress Analysis
  • Feature Suppression for Stress Analysis
  • Multiple Time Step Analysis
  • Thin Wall Stress Analysis
more design power
More Design Power
  • Customer Needs
    • Shape design for hydraulic & pneumatic components
    • Use skeletal design techniques on complex designs
    • Quickly create welded frame assemblies for manufacturing
    • Include ribbon cables in the 3D digital prototype
    • Design with flanged and butt welded pipe styles
    • Work with imported design data
shape design
Shape Design
  • Modeling Enhancements
    • Area Loft
    • New Bend Feature
    • Split Face with 3D Curve
    • Associative cross part surface copy
shape design 2
Shape Design - 2
  • Curve Enhancements
    • 2D/3D Split Curve
    • 3D Helix Curve
    • Associative project cut edges
  • Analysis Enhancements
    • Improved Cross Section Analysis
    • Mean/Max Analysis
    • MOI in cross section
    • Area and MOI in measure
skeletal assembly design
Skeletal Assembly Design
  • Derive Workflow Enhancements
    • Improved user interface
    • Reduced update overhead
  • Parameter Linking
    • Selective control of linked parameters
    • Create links between any model type
frame design
Frame Design
  • View and manage cut treatments
  • Restructure frame assemblies to match manufacturing sequence
  • Substitute frame sections with different standard, type or size
ribbon cable design
Ribbon Cable Design
  • Connector authoring with configurable pin patterns
  • Create and route ribbon cables with twists and folds
  • Nailboard creation
flanged and welded pipe styles
Flanged and Welded Pipe Styles
  • Flanged pipe styles with full support for gaskets
  • Butt welded pipe styles with weld gaps
  • Improved authoring of customer specific fittings libraries
  • Improved Isogen Export
import export
Import – Export
  • Import
    • Import curves and surfaces from AliasStudio
    • Import 3D points to a sketch
    • Automatic Healing
    • Performance and optimization
  • Export
    • Surfaces to STEP
    • Face & feature color
using imported data
Using Imported Data
  • Construction Environment
    • Simplified data transfer to andfrom Construction Environment
  • Composite Data
    • Cross part promote
    • Move data between features
    • 3D intersection curve
  • Drawing Creation
    • Performance with STEP files
    • Drawing views of ‘bad’ data
    • Slice option for zero-depth sections of surfaces
dwf design review
DWF Design Review
  • More DWF Publishing Options
    • Animations and assembly instructions
    • Positional representations, design views and active LOD
    • Structured or Parts-only BOM
    • FEA results
  • Markup Workflow
    • Round-trip 2D DWF markups to Inventor and back to DWF again
  • Improved Security
    • Password protection
    • Disable measure and print
augi wish list
AUGI Wish List
  • # 001 July 2006
    • #1 Design Doctor should Highlight Reference Owners
    • #2 Improved Content Center Performance
    • #9 Multi-component placement
    • #10 Show bend direction on bend lines in the flat pattern
  • # 002 November 2006
    • #4 Isometric dimensioning
    • #6 Copy and Paste from AutoCAD
    • #9 Tapered thread holes
and much more
And much more..
  • Usability Enhancements
    • Infer iMates from Assembly Constraints
    • File Save As
    • Productivity enhancements for Inventor Studio
    • Improved File Refresh and Delayed Migration on File Open
    • Improved Design Accelerators for chain drives, shafts, springs
    • Improved Installation and Help System
  • Platforms
    • Support for Windows Vista
inventor 2008 highlights
DWG TrueConnect

Read and write DWG

100% Fidelity

New update workflows

Sketch and UI Updates

Sketch / constraint usability

AutoCAD consistency

MDT translation enhancements

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal features with post fold features

Bend & punch tables for mfg. documentation

Sheet metal FEA (AIP)

Shape & Assembly Design

New Area Loft and Bend features

Frame – end treatments

Skeletal modeling enhancements

Drawing Manager

Isometric view dimensions

Enhanced revision tables

More Standards

Inventor Professional

Ribbon Cables

Flanged & welded pipe styles

Dynamic Simulation Enhancements

DWF Design Review

Inventor 2008 - Highlights