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Probation/Parole Conditions PowerPoint Presentation
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Probation/Parole Conditions

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Probation/Parole Conditions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Probation/Parole Conditions. Gang Prevention Tools Michael P. Coghlan 1203 S. 2nd St. DeKalb, Illinois 60115 Phone: 815-758-2464. Probation/Parole Conditions. Gang Specific Conditions to Prevent Further Gang Involvement. “ I Really Wanna Quit the Gang .”.

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Probation/Parole Conditions

Gang Prevention Tools

Michael P. Coghlan

1203 S. 2nd St.

DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Phone: 815-758-2464

probation parole conditions
Probation/Parole Conditions
  • Gang Specific Conditions to Prevent Further Gang Involvement
i really wanna quit the gang
“I Really Wanna Quit the Gang.”
  • Many young people are looking for an excuse to quit the gang.
  • The probation (a unique opportunity) order provides that excuse to quit the gang.


wording of the probation order
Wording of the Probation Order
  • Probation can help people leave the danger zone of gangs if the right conditions are written in the probation order.
talk to the parents of juveniles
Talk to the Parents of Juveniles
  • Ask the parents for a list of “friends” for the “no contact list”
  • Get a list of locations to be avoided.
  • Name names and addresses.
judge we want to help you
Judge: “We Want to help you.”
  • Talk to the judge and tell them exactly what to say to the probationer. The judge needs your input.
  • “You put yourself on probation …”
give sample probation conditions to parents of juveniles
Give Sample Probation Conditions to Parents of Juveniles
  • Ask parents to recommend conditions of probation that will help the juvenile stay safe from the gang.
law probation order probation officer
Law, Probation Order, Probation Officer

“Probationer must comply with the following conditions, in addition to other conditions imposed by law, and the probation officer.”

no contact with gang involved people
No Contact With Gang-Involved People

“No contact with individuals who are involved with gang activity and/or drug abuse.”

define important terms
Define Important Terms

“For purposes of this probation order, you are required to follow the definitions provided in this court order.”

define delinquent group
Define “Delinquent Group”

Delinquent Group (Gang):

  • 3 or more individuals who associate and/or identify with each other, and have as a primary purpose the planning, threat, attempt, or commission of criminal, delinquent or illegal acts.
example of delinquent group
Example of “Delinquent Group”
  • “This is the second time this month those three boys were arrested for loitering. They will benefit from prevention services.”

“No public display of gang tattoo(s).

gang clothes symbols
Gang clothes/symbols
  • “No clothes, jewelry, signs, or symbols commonly identified with a gang.”
carry a picture id
Carry a Picture ID
  • “You must carry a valid picture identification card with you at all times while on probation.”
don t go to court unless
Don’t Go To Court Unless …
  • “Do not appear in court unless you are a witness or a party to a case scheduled in court at the time you appear in the courtroom.”
drug alcohol tests
Drug/Alcohol Tests
  • “Fully cooperate with all police and probation requests for testing your blood, breath, or urine for alcohol or other drugs.”
submit to searches
Submit to Searches
  • “Fully cooperate with all police and probation officer requests to search and/or seize your person, property, residence, vehicle or other places and things in your possession or control.”

You are not to be present at any of the following locations:

1. 476 Main Street

2. Middle School

3. Foster Park

gang friends
Gang “Friends”

“No voluntary contact with the following individuals:

  • Mary Smith
  • Tom Jones
  • Lisa Johnson
  • John Clark
  • Dr. George Knox
don t intimidate the witnesses
Don’t Intimidate the Witnesses
  • “No voluntary contact with any other individual who was or may be a witness against you, except that your attorney may interview or cause to be interviewed any individual who may assist with your defense.”
other conditions
Other Conditions …
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
witness intimidation
Witness Intimidation
  • “Witness intimidation is a criminal offense and a violation of probation.”
signature of probationer
Signature of Probationer
  • “I have read the foregoing conditions of probation and I agree to follow all the above conditions, in addition to other conditions of probation set by the court and probation officer.” ___________
thank you for watching
Thank-You For Watching!

Enjoy the Rest of the Conference

Gang Prevention Tools

Michael P. Coghlan

1203 S. 2nd St.

DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Phone: 815-758-2464