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Invensys Operations Management PBPC132 Foxboro PAC & SCADA RTU – Meeting the needs of Hybrid Process

Invensys Operations Management PBPC132 Foxboro PAC & SCADA RTU – Meeting the needs of Hybrid Process. Mike Foley Director Product Management PAC and SCADA Portfolio November 2011. How Do PAC and SCADA fit into Invensys Enterprise Control . Introduction.

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Invensys Operations Management PBPC132 Foxboro PAC & SCADA RTU – Meeting the needs of Hybrid Process

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  1. Invensys Operations ManagementPBPC132Foxboro PAC & SCADA RTU – Meeting the needs of Hybrid Process Mike Foley Director Product Management PAC and SCADA Portfolio November 2011

  2. How Do PAC and SCADA fit into Invensys Enterprise Control Introduction

  3. Invensys Enterprise Control Offerings Corporate Systems Industry Solutions Services: Consulting, Project Execution, Learning, Operational Improvement, Maintenance & Support Partner Ecosystem Corporate Software Applications Invensys and Third Party Manufacturing / Production Operations Automation Invensys and Third Party Enterprise Control System IT Platform Integration and Collaboration Platform

  4. PAC, SCADA and Enterprise Control Execution Integration & Collaboration Platform Enterprise Asset Management Mobile Workforce Management Manufacturing Execution Systems Batch Performance Software Applications Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Performance Measurement and Reporting Asset Performance Enterprise Integration Visualization Quality Optimization Workflow Advanced Process Control Simulation / Optimization Design Operator Training Third-Party Offerings Open Device Integration Web Portal Control DCS PAC SCADA HMI Automation Software Applications Application Toolkit Safety Turbomachinery Control Safety Instrumented Systems General Purpose Safety Historian Measurement & Instrumentation Recorders Instrumentation Controllers Programmable Automation Controller Human Machine Interface Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

  5. It’s more than “just the hardware”. • Although the focus of this presentation is primarily about the Foxboro PAC and Foxboro SCADA RTU products, it is important to keep in mind that it is the plant floor to top floor integration capabilities that can maximize the value that we can bring to a customer. From standalone control, to fully integrated systems, it’s more than just the hardware.

  6. Meeting the Needs of Hybrid Processes FoxboroPAC & SCADA

  7. Today’s Agenda • Defining the Hybrid Market Space • What are the Hybrid Markets? • What are the characteristics of the products that serve them? • What solutions does Invensys have to address the market needs? • Today’s solutions & Where we are headed • Define our paths to the customers in these markets • Direct Invensys sales & opportunities between Invensys & partners • Discussions – How can we work together to be more successful?

  8. What are the Hybrid Markets? Manufacturing Variation

  9. What are the Hybrid Markets? Large DCS Systems (with SCADA) Mix of DCS, PLC’s, and ideally PAC (with SCADA) Very Small to Large PLC Systems Manufacturing Variation

  10. Hybrid Markets: What do they look like? • Glass : • Float • Bottling • Fiber Glass • Solar • Power : • Biomass • Incinerators • Small power • Renewable energy • Metal : • Heat Treatment • Primary Metals production • Utilities : • Burner Management • Boiler Management • Pharmaceutical : • API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) • EMS/BMS (Environmental Monitoring & Building Management Systems) • Waste Water : • Municipality • Industrial • Desalination • Water Treatment

  11. Hybrid Markets: Specialty Applications • Electric Power Transmission • Electric Power Distribution • Oil and Gas – • Upstream Production • Transmission Pipelines • Water Waste Water • Multi-Utility Supply Networks • Wind Farms SCADA solutions provide monitor and control capabilities in extreme environments and / or when communications can be expected to fail.

  12. Hybrid Market Characteristics

  13. Foxboro PAC System - Overview • Wonderware Pack Software - Enterprise wide visualization • Scalable Architecture with Foxboro Control System & ArchestrA System Platform • Versatile scalable suite of software configuration tools • Store & Forward, Historian ERP and MES connectivity • Eycon - Visual Supervisor • Panel Mounting, Touch screen, Display and Control • Alarm Management, Batch, Recipe, Setpoint programming Open communications • Auditor software - 21CFR part11 compliant access control • PAC - Programmable Automation Controller • High Availability Processor and I/O – Maximises up time • Redundant Continuous & Sequential control • Data Recording • Direct field connection of universal I/O

  14. PAC Hardware Details (3-D Demo)

  15. What architectures describe SCADA ? • MTU : The Control Room Operator Supervises the RTU’s located at remote locations via communications networks • RTU : The RTU’s acquire data from the field (through analog and discrete digital inputs, as well as from other RTU’s through communications), buffer it, and report it back to the MTU • RTU : The RTU’s then execute Controls (through analog and discrete digital outputs) from the MTU SCADA =SupervisoryControl and Data Acquisition MTU =MasterTerminal Unit RTU =RemoteTerminal Unit

  16. SCADA System- Overview • MTU (Master Stations) – software based • ArchestrA SCADA Software (formerly Infusion SCADA) • SCADA specific objects, DNP communications • IASCADA (UNIX and WINDOWS based) • Solaris (UNIX) & DNP / 104 Communications • Legacy product P6009 (UNIX and WINDOWS based) • RTU (Remote Terminal Units) • SCD5200 • Electric Power Focus [DNP/103/104] • Distributed Control • SCD2200 • Oil and Gas Production Focus [DNP/P6008] • Modular Expandable, Low Power • SCD2100 • Oil and Gas Well Focus [DNP], AGA, PID • Ultra Low Power, Class I Div II Locations

  17. Where are PAC Products Headed? • Product Investment Strategy: • Increase access to Small Power (<150Mw) and Water industry. • HART interface modules • Migrate enhanced compliance, project efficiency tools, & security features from EurothermSuite • Profibus master gateway • Wonderware PAC Windows 7 upgrade and integration into ArchestrA 2012

  18. Where are SCADA Products Headed? • Product Investment Strategy: • IEC 61850 for Small Power (<150Mw) • Enhanced Security updates • Next generation SCD5200 hardware development • ArchestrA SCADA Software Windows 7 upgrade and integration into ArchestrA 2012

  19. Where are PAC & SCADA Headed? • Commercial Marketing Strategy: • Increase product awareness via enhanced outbound marketing • Provide greater and deeper opportunities for product training • Grow product sales & services to wider indirect customer base • Business Strategy: • Develop and support a qualified System Integrator channel, that will compliment the current Invensys Direct Sales force to access the high growth rate of the hybrid markets. • Grow market share through increased sales in small systems using SIs application experience and customer relationships. • Increase revenue/profitability of Invensys and its SI partners.

  20. PAC and SCADA RTU Paths to MarketNorth American Sales Today • Primarily sold by Invensys Direct Sales • Quotation & Orders placed through BuyAutomation.com • Customers assigned by geographic location and prior relationships • Invensys Delivery group installs and performs customer start-up • Support from Invensys Service groups

  21. PAC and SCADA RTU - PartneringNorth American Sales Tomorrow • Sold by Invensys Direct Sales & increasingly by qualified System Integrators • Quotation & Orders placed through BA • Customers shared between Invensys & SI’s based on capabilities and agreements • SI’s installs and performs customer start-up • Support from SI’s (who are supported by Invensys Service groups through customer or SI direct support agreements)

  22. Challenges forNorth American Sales Tomorrow • SI product qualification requires training • Individual accounts needed for Quotation & Orders placed through BA • Customer “ownership” agreements will take some time. • SI service agreements are not available at this time. • SI may use customers’ agreements

  23. Next Steps • Identify System Integrators who are interested in partnering to pursue Hybrid application opportunities. These applications should be in the hybrid markets and use PAC and/or SCADA RTU solutions.

  24. Next Steps • Invensys to provide training, commercial, technical, and logistic support • A training program is planned to mirror Wonderware Certified System Integrator program. Sales incentives will be tailored to match program commitment and sales success.

  25. Next Steps • Collectively, we will expand our market share and increase profitability Our PAC and RTU products have market leading process capabilities, and tremendous growth potential. The goal is to share in the success of these products.

  26. Discussions • How can we work together to be more successful? • What can Invensys do for you?

  27. Thank You Meeting the Needs of Hybrid Processes

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