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Ceridian Time and Attendance PowerPoint Presentation
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Ceridian Time and Attendance

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Ceridian Time and Attendance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ceridian Time and Attendance. Go to

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Ceridian Time and Attendance

Go to


The first screen is the log in screen. For your first login, you will enter your Ceridian Clock # (provided to you by Payroll) in the User Name and the Password area. The Company ID is MBL. The system will prompt you to change your password. The new password needs to be at least 6 characters long. Once it says “Password Successfully Changed” all you need to do is go to the HOME page from here.

Feel free to save this website in your Favorites so you can easily access the system. Also, clicking REMEMBER ME will save your User Name and Company ID on your computer. If you are using a shared computer, do not click Remember Me.


One important note before we begin. If you should ever need to go to a previous screen while on the Time and Attendance system, do NOT hit the BACK button on the internet browser. Use the buttons in the Ceridian system.


This is the page where you will access your timecards for the different pay periods. On this screen you will only see a few options for timecards but you will be able to view more options on the next screen. Click on the first period ending date and this will take you into the data entry screen.


The top part in blue is where you would see a summary of the current timecard. You will be able to see if you signed it and if your supervisor approved it. In this box is where you can access other pay periods if need be (VIEW OTHER PERIODS).


The Accrual button will take you to your time benefit balances. You will see a Current balance and a Future balance. The Current balance is as of the last thing you saved to the system and the Future balance is taking into account anything that you recorded for a day off in the future.


Here is where you will enter your time. If you are entering more than one day, click the dropdown box next to the Add Rows button. You can add up to 10 rows at a time. Click on the words ADD ROWS to add the rows. Any that you do not use will erase when you save your information. On the first line, click the first date you took time off. Pick the correct Time Code. Indicate the number of hours used. A full day is 7.75 hours. Once you are finished entering all of your time, click SUBMIT to save your information. If any errors are detected, you will see a yellow or red dot on the left side. Please make changes as necessary and click SUBMIT to save your changes. The total number of hours for the week should equal 38.75 hours.


When everything is saved and complete, enter your password in the blank box and click SIGN. The system will ask you to confirm-click OK. Once it’s finished generating the request, you should see a date and time stamp in the big blue box at the top. Once this is finished you should go to the HOME page before logging out of the Ceridian system. If you log out at this point, the system will think you are still in the timecard and will keep your supervisor from being able to access your timecard.


After you have signed your timecard, an X will appear in the Sign box on your Home Page. When your supervisor has signed your timecard, an X will appear in the Approval box.


An item to keep in mind:

When exiting the system, do not use the red X at the top corner of your screen. You need to LOG OUT of the system. If you do not log out properly, the system may lock you out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

Thank you! 