April 9 th 2014
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April 9 th , 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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April 9 th , 2014. Homework : Read pgs. 64-67: Define Centripetal force, answer section assessment questions (pg. 67) 2 a, 2 b.- on pg. 18 in your notebook.

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April 9 th 2014
April 9th, 2014

  • Homework:Read pgs. 64-67: Define Centripetal force, answer section assessment questions (pg. 67) 2 a, 2 b.- on pg. 18 in your notebook.

  • Do Now: Write down homework, Open your note to pg. 18: Make a list of all the forces you think act on a rollercoaster and its riders.

April 10 2014
April 10, 2014

Homework: Read 64-67 if you did not last night

Do Now:

Update T.O.C:

  • pg. 17: Roller Coaster forces Video- glue/ tape in sheet

  • Pg. 18: Circular Motion and Satellites

  • Pg. 19 : Circular motion and Satellites activity

  • Leave notebooks open to page 17-

  • Open textbooks to page 64.

Define centripetal force
Define Centripetal Force roller coaster?

  • Centripetal Force: Any force that causes an object to move in a circular path

  • Centripetal – means “center- seeking”

  • Keeps you in your seat when you are moving through a roller coaster loop– pulling you towards the center

Let it roll circular motion activity pg 19 in your notebook
Let it Roll- Circular Motion Activity roller coaster?-pg. 19 in your notebook

  • Predict: Draw a picture of the, “Pac-man” plate and draw an arrow in the direction you predict the ball will go. Then write one-two sentences describing your prediction.

  • Activity Instructions- With you partner

    • Using the ping pong ball- roll the ball once around the inner rim of the paper plate.

    • Record the direction the ball rolls once it reaches the cut out portion of the plate.- Draw the plate again with an arrow showing the direction t traveled in.

    • Write the reason why you think the objected traveled in the direction it did

April 11 2014
April 11, 2014 roller coaster?

Homework:Enjoy your Spring Break! Nothing is assigned! If you are not going away, if you want, Look for a Science News article- What is happening today in science.. Any new break through in Science /Technology??

Do Now:

- Open Notebook to pg. 18- if you didn’t show me the homework yesterday, Please do so Now

-Open textbook to pg. 65

Let it roll activity results
Let it Roll Activity -Results roller coaster?

  • What Direction did the ball travel?

  • What is the reason why you think the object traveled in the direction it did?

April 9 th 2014

What is a satellite quest 2a

How does centripetal force relate to the motion of a satellite?

What is a satellite? (Quest. 2A)

  • An object that orbits other object in space.

    • Artificial satellites- man –made (communications, military, weather etc…)

  • For a satellite, centripetal force is the gravitational force that pulls the satellite toward the center of the Earth.

Turn to pg 66 67 look at figure 20
Turn to pg. 66-67- Look at Figure 20 satellite?

  • Why does that horizontally moving projectile eventually fall to the ground?

    • Because of gravity pulls it downward

What causes satellites to stay in orbit rather than falling toward the earth
What causes satellites to stay in orbit rather than falling toward the Earth?

  • Inertia and the force of gravity. It has enough space and speed to follow earths circular orbit.

  • Gravity causes the satellites to continuously fall toward the earth. (pulling it downward, like the ball) Since the Earths surface is curved, satellites can travel around the Earth continuously

  • Move in a continuous circle means it is accelerating and is moving at a fast enough velocity to follow a circular orbit. At least 7,900 m/s

April 9 th 2014

Write a one sentence summary that describes how satellites stay in orbit and why your pressed in your seat, during a ride through a roller coaster loop. (Use Centripetal Force in your summary)