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Master of Science in Innovation Management

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Master of Science in Innovation Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prof. Ed Nijssen (Program Director) 3 February 2014. Master of Science in Innovation Management. Welcome on board: a brief overview. Succesful innovations: a paradigm shift. Paradigm shift. Failure rate remains high. Why ? Complexity larger than ever

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Master of Science in Innovation Management

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Presentation Transcript
master of science in innovation management

Prof. Ed Nijssen (Program Director)

3 February2014

Master of Science in

Innovation Management

Welcomeon board: a brief overview

failure rate remains high
Failurerateremains high
  • Why?
    • Complexitylargerthan ever
    • Connectionbetweenengineers and sales/marketing remainsproblematic
    • More instrumentsfor proper risk management required; recognizegoodideas
    • How to best usecrowdsourcing and otheroptions to learnfromcustomers
failure rate remains high1
Failurerateremains high
  • Why?
    • Complexitylargerthan ever
    • Connectionbetweenengineers and sales/marketing remainsproblematic
    • More instrumentsfor proper risk management required; recognizegoodideas; criteria per stage-gate
innovation management studies
Innovation Management studies
  • Understanding the innovationchallenge and processes of firms
    • Understanding, modeling and redesigninginnovationprocess
    • Project management & humanaspectsinvolved
    • Strategic and marketdrivern issues
    • Entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial issues
  • Perspective of the engineer
    • Focus onradicalvsincrementalinnovation
    • Open innovation
    • Entrepreneurial/intrapreneurialspirit
im characteristics
IM: Characteristics
  • Academic level
  • (Re)design the business process of innovation
  • Multidisciplinary and project-like context
  • Applyknowledge in academia, industry and consulting context
program structure

Semester 4

Semester 3


Semester 2

Semester 1

Program structure

Master Thesis

Thesis Preparation

Specialisation Courses

International Term

Core Courses

  • 2 semesters
  • 2 periods per semester
  • 8 weeks classes per period
  • 2 weeks exams per period
  • Interim period
credit system
Credit system
  • European Credit Transfer System
  • Based on student estimated workload
  • 1 cp = 28 hrs of workload
  • Most courses: 5 cp
  • 30 cp in one semester
  • typically 6 courses per semester
program characteristcs
Program characteristcs
  • All classes conducted in English
  • Core courses: 8 x 5 = 40 ECTS
  • Electives: 40 ECTS
    • 3 suggested sets of electives
    • notethatyou are required to have a mix of AB (‘technical’) and C courses (‘social’)
  • Master Thesis

Preparation (10 ECTS), Thesis work: (30 ECTS)

im core courses
IM Core Courses
  • New Product Development
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Project management
  • HumanAspects of Product Development
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Research design, data collection and analysis
  • Design methodology
  • System Dynamics
link to the job market through electives
Link to the Job Marketthroughelectives

Core courses

Job market



three recommended sets of electives
Threerecommendedsets of electives
  • New Product DevelopmentManagement
      • Human Performance in InnovativeOrganizations (1JM27)
      • Strategy & Technology management (1ZM40)
      • Service Engineering & Marketing (1ZM55)
      • Selling New Products (1ZM60)
  • Open Innovation
      • StrategicSourcing & Supply Management (1ZM35)
      • Strategy & Technology Management (1ZM40)
      • Innovation Networks (0ZM05)
      • Innovation & Intellectualproperty (0EM88)
      • GoverningInnovation (0EM25)
      • E-BusinessArchitectures & Systems (1BM10)
  • Technology & Entrepreneurship
      • TechnologyEntrepreneurship (1ZM20)
      • EntrepreneurialFinance (1ZM70)
      • Innovation & IntellectualProperty (0EM88)
      • New Media, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (1ZM80)
      • Entrepreneurial Marketing (1ZM75)

Check the website for all electives/options

nature of courses
Nature of Courses
  • Learningbyreflection and application
  • Hence, Interactivelectures
  • Assignments and Group work
  • Master Thesis onInnovation topic (building yourindividualskills)
    • Related to research of the school’sresearchers
    • Theory-driven and Multidisciplinary
    • Ultimatelymakingsuggestions to managers/desing a solution
thesis topics
Thesis topics

Examples of thesis subjects

  • New Product Development
    • possibilities to reducelead time in innovationprojects
    • crowdsourcing
  • StrategicAlliances
    • networkrelationshipsbetween a research lab and technologysuppliers
  • Entrepreneurship
    • successorfailures of technopreneurs
  • Knowledge Management
    • managing knowledge in a product development lab
  • Marketing
    • service performance of products in the market
    • how to motivatesales to sellnewproducts?
  • Supplierdevelopment
    • NPD in the relationshipbetween a hi-techcompany and threekeysuppliers

Seealsoindividual professors’ personal webpages

mentor system
Mentor system
  • Matchingprocess at the end of the first semester! (11 November)
  • Allocationthroughenrolment and indication of preferred topics (mentors do the same)
  • Algorithm matches for meeting set of possible mentors
    • Cannot match earlier
    • Must match before end – otherwise mentor willbeassigned
  • Role of mentor:
    • assistancewithchoosingelectives/designingyourpersonalstudy program
    • adviseonstudy planning; international semester
    • assistancewithselection and preparation of thesis topic, proposal, company/internship
    • supervision of thesis project
options within the program
Optionswithin the program
  • Semester abroad
    • for studentswithstandard program (nodeficiencies)
    • Ask international office
  • OptionfordualdegreewithInnovationSciencemaster
    • In generalyouthenneed to useyourelectives to follow the core courses of thatmaster track
    • For information, pleaseask prof. Nijssen
options within the program1
Optionswithin the program
  • Honours program
    • for excellent studentswithobjective to start PhD
    • extra modules at PhD level
    • Special research assignments
    • onlyafteradmissionbyadmission board
    • with thesis project conductedontheoretical topic
    • Students interested in the program and who think they meet the criteria are invited to apply. An application should include a clear motivation letter, CV and overview of study results. This information should be send to the Director of the IE Graduate School program, Prof. G.J. van Houtum, with cc to program director Prof E.J. Nijssen.
  • Brochure: on line:
options within the program2
Optionswithin the program
  • Honors program
    • The MSc Honors Program is an additional program to the Master program (20 ects extra)
      • Research assignments
      • Some Phd course
    • The MSc Honors Program starts in the second semester of the master program.
    • for excellent studentswithobjective to start PhD
    • onlyafteradmissionbyadmission board
      • Application procedure willbeannouncedshortly; Youshouldapply in semester #1
    • with thesis project conductedontheoretical topic/proposal to send in fornationalfundingcontest

CTE: CertificateTechnologyEntrepreneurship

  • 3 courses (9 ECTS)
  • About entrepreneurship and: new media, corporate entrepreneurship, marketing, finance
  • E-Assessment & Skills Training
  • Negotiating, creativity, networking,
  • sales pitching, leadership etc.
  • Final Project
  • Writing a business plan based
  • on your own idea with the help of a BCE coach
more information
More information
  • Program relatedinformation:
    • Program description
    • Certificate and honors programs etcteras.
    • Examinationschedule and registration
  • News site graduate college:
  • Questions?
  • We hope youwillenjoyyour time in the master program and at TU/e
  • If, you want to engage in discussions and improving the program please contact Industria'sEducationcoordinator