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Master of Science in Management Science PowerPoint Presentation
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Master of Science in Management Science

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Master of Science in Management Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Master of Science in Management Science MSc (Management Science) This degree will provide students with advanced skills in applied statistics, operations research, information technology and data analysis. Core discipline topics will include: Mathematics of Risk

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Master of Science in Management Science

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msc management science
MSc (Management Science)
  • This degree will provide students with advanced skills in applied statistics, operations research, information technology and data analysis.
  • Core discipline topics will include:
  • Mathematics of Risk
  • Scheduling and Optimisation for industry
  • Business Forecasting and Modelling
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Data Warehousing
  • Evolutionary and Neural Computation
industry project
Industry Project
  • The Industry Project is the cornerstone module that requires students to draw together their scientific knowledge and professional skills to solve real industry problems
  • Students, potentially from different streams, will form syndicate groups in the final semester
  • Initially, projects may include:
    • providing advocacy reports
    • drawing up business plans
  • Longer term plans…
msc management science4

MSc (Management Science)

Operations Research

what are operations research problems
What are Operations Research problems?
  • Strategic decision making
    • resource requirements and allocations
      • e.g. vehicles, machines, operators
    • location/relocation decisions
      • e.g. building new facilities, relocating/closing existing facilities
    • system design
      • e.g. warehouse
  • Operational decision making
    • scheduling
    • timetabling
    • sequencing
    • routing
    • rostering
    • production planning
    • inventory control

Force OptimisationatDefence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), Department of Defence, Australian Government

Defence Objectives

What types of forces should be maintained?

What force strength is required?

warehouse design
Warehouse Design

Storage Racks

Incoming Products

Pick order

Savings of 27-43% on order picking costs

Where to store products?

…affects order picking

Storage location


Customer Order History


Operations Research Technology


Bus Service Optimisationat Melbourne Airport

How many buses to purchase?

Bus driver roster?

Melbourne Airport

Long-Term Car Park

Bus Sizes?

Hourly bus requirement?

Bus schedule?

transport logistics

Ship Holds
























Material A: 29400 T

Material B: 6900 T

Transport & Logistics

Red Sea Suppliers

Israel, Egypt

mathematics in operation
Mathematics in Operation

Real Practical Problem

Mathematical (Optimization) Problem


Mathematical Solution Method (Algorithm)

Computer Algorithm

Decision Support System

Human Decision-Maker

Estimating race car performance as a function of spring stiffness, weight and down-force, for different tracks
Air Traffic Control: design and analyse man-in-the-loop simulation trials of a new computer system. Allow for varying traffic density
Modeling frequency, duration and severity of power cuts

Simulating the supply of

emergency generators:

how many are needed,

and where should they be stored?

RN roulement :

maintaining an active presence abroad, how many vessels required?

Supply of telephone equipment: how many spare parts to keep on site; how many spare parts to store centrally?
Hedge fund: Value at Risk estimates

Forecasting the value of your stock portfolio

what is offered
What is Offered?
  • There are three business subjects which are compulsory
  • Two “Business Tools” subjects:
    • Business Tool 1: Money, People and Projects
    • Business Tool 2: The Market Environment
  • One core subject:
    • Cases in Business Modelling
who will t e ach these
Who will Teach These?
  • All three units will be taught be academic staff from the Melbourne Business School
  • We specialise in teaching MBA, Executive MBA and programs for senior executives and managers
  • You can find more details about us at our website:

  • In fact, all 3 units can be also be credited to any further studies in an MBA at MBS
bus iness tool units
Business Tool Units
  • The two business tools units are part of the program to skill-up students for the workplace
  • They provide a wide range of what is often assumed knowledge for managers
  • However, these are not often known by graduates without a background in business
  • Therefore, it really puts a graduate in a position to seek more senior roles
tool 1 money people and projects
Tool 1: Money, People and Projects
  • This tool aims to provide some expertise in the skills required to operate successfully within an organisation
  • They are the “internal tools”
  • They include:
    • Basic accounting
    • Managing a budget
    • Working and managing people
    • Managing business processes
tool 2 the market en vironment
Tool 2: The Market Environment
  • This tool aims to provide an overview of the tools required by organisations to operate successfully in a market environment
  • They are the “external tools”
  • They include:
    • Simulation and cases in negotiation
    • Core marketing concepts, such as brand management and creating a marketing plan
    • Strategic decision-making and managerial economics
cases in business modeling
Cases in Business Modeling
  • This unit aims to look at advanced modeling from the context of applications
  • The idea is to take a well-defined business problem, and use the methods and skills picked up in the MSc to solve them
  • Some statistical, econometric and operations management theory will also be covered
cases in business modeling26
Cases in Business Modeling
  • The area covered includes the following:
    • Managing processes using operations theory
    • Empirically informed business decision-making
    • The econometrics of the financial markets and financial engineering
    • Market models and data
a unique program
A Unique Program
  • In many ways, the MSc in Management Science is a unique program
  • By including the professional tools, as well as the core science, it creates a unique mix of subjects
  • It will:
    • (1) build up the mathematical, statistical and informatics skills of graduates
    • (2) place these in the business context so that graduates can leverage their abilities to the full in their workplace