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Jacob Lawrence Art. By : Chloe ,Sean , Caileb ,Car l os ,and B rayden. About his Childhood. B orn in New Jersey but raised in New York City's Harlem

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Jacob lawrence art

Jacob Lawrence Art

By : Chloe ,Sean , Caileb ,Carlos ,and Brayden

About his childhood
About his Childhood

  • Born in New Jersey but raised in New York City's Harlem

  • Jacob Lawrence was the most widely acclaimed African-American artist of the 20th century. Known for producing narrative collections like the Migration Series and War Series

  • He brought the African-American experience to life using blacks and browns juxtaposed with vivid colors. He also taught, and spent 15 years as a professor at the University of Washington.

When and where he was born and raised
When and where he was born and raised

  • The date Jacob Lawrence was born in was September ,7th, 1917

  • He died June 9th,2000

  • His hometown was in New Jersey , Atlantic city

  • His family lived in Phila

  • delphiafor a few years, before finally moving to Harlem when Lawrence was about 13 years old. It was the 1930's, in the midst of the Great Depression and the tail end of the dynamic literary and artistic period known as the Harlem Renaissance.

  • As a young child Jacob Lawrence absorbed the influences of economic hard times and a burgeoning black consciousness.

  • Lawrence was inspired by his first mentor, artist Charles Alston, and the sculptor and painter Augustus Savage. Also, RomaireBeardon and another budding young artist, Gwendolyn Knight, whom he later married.

  • It was during this time that Lawrence began spending long hours in places like Harlem's Chambourg Library, diligently researching the epic struggles of the heroes and she-roes of the black community.

bibliogrophy when he wanted to start to be an artist

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