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Proven Strategies for Implementing a Worksite Wellness Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Find “Weldo”. Proven Strategies for Implementing a Worksite Wellness Program. Rod R. Hart RN, COHN Healthy Acitive Oregon Bend, OR 4-28-06. Agenda. Literature review, research and best practices Relationship between health and productivity Health risks and readiness for change

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Find “Weldo”

Proven Strategies for Implementing a Worksite Wellness Program

Rod R. Hart RN, COHN

Healthy Acitive Oregon Bend, OR 4-28-06

Agenda l.jpg

  • Literature review, research and best practices

  • Relationship between health and productivity

  • Health risks and readiness for change

  • Ensuring results, incentives and ROI

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Please Stand Up

How many people here today feel their leadership appreciates and believes in their work?

How many people standing feel their leadership live it to lead it l.jpg
How many people standing feel their leadership live it to lead it?

“Priceless” - Congratulations!

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Corporate Values & Strategy lead it?

Wellness Mission & Programs

Wellness Gap Analysis

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Understanding the Costs lead it?

Adverse Bottom Line Impact

*DIRECT - 26%

Medical Costs &

Workers’ Comp

Health Care Costs

Medical Care



Diagnostic Testing

Behavioral Health

Physical Therapy

Medical Care

Salary Continuation STD/LTD

Lost Productivity



**INDIRECT – 74%

Employee and Customer Dissatisfaction


Temporary Staffing

Poor Quality

Replacement Workers

Training Interim Employee Administrative re-work

*Medical 22% Disability 4% / **Productivity Loss 74% Source: Integrated Benefits Institute, 2002

The reality for employers and employees l.jpg
The Reality for Employers and Employees lead it?

  • Health insurance premiums rose by 11.2 percent in 2004, the fourth consecutive year of double-digit increases. - Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

  • Health insurance premiums will rise to an average of more than $14,500 for family coverage in 2006. - National Coalition on Health Care

  • Premiums for employee-sponsored health insurance have been rising five times faster on average than workers' earnings since 2000. - Health Research and Educational Trust

  • Employee spending for health insurance coverage has increased 126 percent between 2000 and 2004.- Hewitt Associates LLC

  • Since 2001, the employees' share of health insurance costs has soared 63 percent for single coverage and 58 percent for family coverage.- Hewitt Associates LLC

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The New Dialogue lead it?


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  • 1.) lead it? Support & commitment from supervisors & management

  • 2.) Workplace-friendly policies supporting program goals & objectives

  • 3.) Workplace culture which values wellness

  • 4.) Program marketing efforts that reach, touch, inform & influence

  • 5.) Programs designed & owned by real people

WELCOA Small Business Sourcebook (1998)

Fundamental Success Factors

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Program Participation lead it?A critical ingredient and key success metric…

  • Engage the entire population - Champions, Supporters, Detractors

  • Conduct regular status checks and quarterly reviews

  • Promote and nurture a culture that values health & well-being

  • Position the program powerfully – employee testimonies & brand identity

  • Target communications - reach out and touch them

  • Menu of options – programming mix that supports multiple levels of behavior change

  • Use incentives wisely

  • Establish specific participation goals / objectives and manage them

  • Have a solid participation metrics story

Managing wellness traffic patterns l.jpg
Managing Wellness Traffic Patterns lead it?

  • Red Risk Group:

    • Multiple risk factors, high healthcare expenses, moderate absenteeism rate and moderate performance

  • Yellow Risk Group:

    • No overt risk factors, low healthcare expenses, but high absenteeism rate, and reduced performance

  • Green Risk Group:

    • A chronic health condition, moderate healthcare costs, low absenteeism rate and superior performance

Such a maze where to begin l.jpg
Such a Maze - Where to Begin… lead it?

  • Galvanize argument that investing in employee health & wellbeing is a core requirement

  • Analyze data to determine/clarify priorities & develop a strategic plan

  • Establish an executive business case

  • Program Selection/Development

  • Program Implementation/Integration

  • Identify other business unit stakeholders

Health and productivity hot buttons l.jpg
Health and Productivity Hot-Buttons lead it?

  • Behaviors (Lifestyle and Habits)

    • Smoking, Substance Abuse, Obesity, Physical Inactivity

  • Health Conditions

    • Acute and Chronic Conditions

  • Work Environment

    • Safety, Ergonomics, Stress

  • Employer Philosophy

    • Organizational Culture, Health & Benefits Strategies

  • Employer Programs and Services

    • Disability Management, Health Promotion

    • Benefits Options, Program Integration

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Wellness Strategy lead it?Conventional View vs. Strategic Approach

Creating menu programs services incentives l.jpg

Health Improvement Programs lead it?

Smoking Cessation

Weight Management

Food Services -

Discount Healthy Choices

Vending Overall

Seasonal Wellness Campaigns

Pedometer Programs

Physical Activity Challenges

Employee Tools & Resources

Health Care Consumerism

Health Care Information

Safety Programming

Injury Prevention


Fitness Options

Onsite Fitness Centers

Fitness Partners

Self-Directed Programs

CreatingMenu - Programs, Services & Incentives

Where to look for results l.jpg
Where to Look for Results? lead it?

  • What to Review?

    • Claims Data: Workers’ Comp, Health Status

      • Condition Prevalence and Cost

      • Condition Management Services

      • Emergency & Urgent Care Utilization

      • Pharmaceutical Costs and Utilization

    • Health-Related Benefits Offerings, Plan Design and Utilization

      • Worksite Health Promotion Programs

      • Work/Life Balance Programs

    • Worker’s Comp & Safety Data

Define your value proposition l.jpg
Define Your Value Proposition lead it?

  • Cost Savings and Increased Profitability

    • Decreased Health Care Costs

    • Reduced Lost Work Time

    • Enhanced Organizational Productivity

    • Competitive Cost Advantage in the Marketplace

  • Improved Employee Satisfaction

    • Improved Health and Wellness

    • Improved Morale

    • Enhanced Engagement

    • Improved Recruitment and Retention

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When it comes to Wellness - - lead it?What’s on Your Plate?

  • Analyzing and identifying the organization’s risk exposure...

    • Ensures an innovative and cost-effective wellness programming strategy

    • Promotes an efficient, effective and affordable array of collateral servicesand support aligned across the organization

  • The Bottom Line

  • Fostering a healthier, more fit lifestyle for employees, extended family members and retirees results in…

  • Positively influencing your clients, customers & community

Handout 1 wellness best practice roi resources l.jpg
Handout 1: lead it?Wellness Best Practice, ROI Resources

  • R. Goetzel – S. Serxner – L. Chapman – S. Sullivan

  • Integrated Benefits Institute - IBI

  • Institute for Health and Productivity Management

  • C. Everett Koop National Health Project

  • Health Enhancement Research Organization

  • WELCOA - Wellness Councils of America

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  • National Business Coalition on Health

  • Washington Business Group on Health

Handout 2 more wellness intervention considerations l.jpg

Employee Assistance Programs lead it?

Work/Life Balance

Financial Planning

Elder Care

Dependent Care

Stress Management

Health-Related Incentive Programs

Nurse Line

Integrated Disability Management



Case Management

Absence Management

Return-to-Work Programs

Handout 2:More Wellness Intervention Considerations:

  • Health Risk Profile

  • HRA

  • Wellness

  • Ergonomics

  • Condition Management

    Worksite Healthcare

    On-Site Rx

    Health Coaching

    Quality Healthcare Initiatives

  • Provider Profiling

  • Provider Incentives

  • Claims Review

    Medical Claims Data Analysis

    Pharmacy Claims Analysis

Health status functional capacity l.jpg

Percent higher absenteeism than healthy employees lead it?

Reference: Serxner, S., et al., (2001). The impact of behavioural health risks on worker absenteeism. JOEM, 43(4), 347-354

Health Status & Functional Capacity

Health status functional capacity22 l.jpg
Health Status & Functional Capacity lead it?

  • Reducing one health risk can…

    • Reduce absenteeism by 2%

    • Improve productivity by 9%

Reference: Pelletier B, Boles M, Lynch W. (2004). Change in health risks and work productivity over time. J Occup Environ Med.

Something to consider l.jpg
Something to Consider lead it?

The total Functional Capacity of your company is the sum of all the capacities of your individual employees

Lift the functional capacity of your people and you lift the competitive advantage of your entire company