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WINDOWS EMBEDDED STANDARD. “ON THE DEVICE”. Windows Embedded Standard 7 Embedded Devices. Embedded devices are different to normal computer systems. Customization and branding is one area that highlights the differences, typically the only branding would be from the OEM.

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windows embedded standard 7 embedded devices
Windows Embedded Standard 7Embedded Devices
  • Embedded devices are different to normal computer systems.
  • Customization and branding is one area that highlights the differences, typically the only branding would be from the OEM.
  • Hiding the fact that a device is running a windows operating system is another way of protecting the device.
  • Embedded Enabling Features can go a long way towards ensuring that the device is treated as an appliance and not a computer.
embedded enabling features
Embedded Enabling Features
  • Edition Branding
  • Bootable Windows USB Stack
  • Custom Logon Desktop Background
  • Dialog Box Filter
  • Message Box Default reply
  • Enhanced Write Filter with Horm
  • File Based Write Filter
  • Hide boot Screens
  • Ram Disk Controller
  • Registry Filter
edition branding
Edition Branding
  • UnBranded Start up Screens
    • Removes the Windows Logo from the bottom of the start up screens
    • Non Functional in evaluation versions.
  • Windows Embedded Standard Start up Screens
    • This is the standard start up screen
bootable windows usb stack
Bootable Windows Usb Stack
  • Full support for booting the OS off a USB device.


- Kiosk

- Gaming

      • Internet Cafes etc

Imagine your entire OS sits on a USB pen that you can take along with you.

custom logon desktop background
Custom Logon Desktop Background
  • This feature allows you to produce your own logon screens, yet again disguising the fact that the system is running Windows.
  • For Example.....
custom logon desktop background8
Custom Logon Desktop Background
  • Can be done with Registry as well


  • Change OEMBackground to value 1
  • Place custom images in %windir%\system32\oobe
  • Eg
  • %windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds
  • File name = backgroundDefault.jpg, size should be less than 256KB
dialog box filter
Dialog Box Filter
  • This allows you to hide any dialog that you pre-define using the editor.
  • Logging can still be set up, so you can check what is actually going on in the background.
  • Press any key to continue !!!!!!!!!
message box default reply
Message Box Default Reply
  • Last thing you want is message Boxes on your device
  • This sets the reply to the default answer
  • Be Careful default is not always OK !!!
  • You can always suppress the message boxes, but bear in mind your event log will fill with entries.
enhanced write filter with horm
Enhanced Write Filter with HORM

Is this the way you want your IT support to operate?

enhanced write filter with horm12
Enhanced Write Filter with HORM
  • Only RAM and REG modes supported
  • Only protects media marked as Fixed !!
  • (NO EWF from USB Boot Process)
  • Power up times of 9-24 secs After POST
  • Real World usage
  • Have you turned it on and off again ????

Is this the way you want your IT support to operate?

file based write filter
File Based Write Filter
  • Protection at the file level
  • Allows to write through the filter to specified locations on the media
  • Problem no partition protection, so possible to have OS become corrupted
  • Daylight saving time can cause grief with your machine rebooting itself into the future one hour at a time
file based write filter14
File Based Write Filter



hide boot screens
Hide Boot Screens
  • So you can have a Blank Screen while the unit powers up...errrmm Is it working ?
  • Prefer to replace with custom splash screen.
  • Nothing interests a customer more than being able to have free advertising and product placement in front of the end user.
ram disk controller
Ram Disk Controller
  • Look its a ram disk, stuff files and such there and hey presto they run fast.
  • Downside you need lots of Ram.
  • Upside Windows 7 supports lots of Ram.

Richard Eaton