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Microsoft Windows Embedded

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Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems NEW! Windows 7 Ultimate ... Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems will be available through December 2016! ...

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windows embedded product overview

Windows Embedded Product Overview

Microsoft Windows Embedded

what is microsoft embedded
What is Microsoft Embedded?
  • A specialized products portfolio,
  • With an adapted licensing,
  • Supported by a specialised ecosystem
    • Distributors
    • System Integrators (SI’s)
    • Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s)
    • Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV’s)
  • The Embedded Device is defined as
    • Single purposed, dedicated
    • Hardware + Operating System + Application

Thin Clients

ATMs / Kiosks

Office Automation


Medical Devices

windows embedded family
Windows Embedded Family

Personal Navigation


Portable media

Office Automation


Thin Client


Dedicated servers



Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Thin Client





Point of Service


Source Level Control,

Multiple CPU Architectures

Fixed Features,

Express Development, Windows Desktop Compatibility


Windows Embedded Roadmap

Windows Embedded

Compact “Chelan”

Windows Embedded

CE 6.0 R3

Windows Embedded

Standard 2011

MSDN Embedded

Windows Embedded

Enterprise (Win7 FES)











what is windows embedded enterprise
What is Windows Embedded Enterprise ?
  • Windows Embedded Enterprise Family
    • Windows 7 Professional for Embedded SystemsNEW!
    • Windows 7 Ultimate for Embedded SystemsNEW!
    • Windows Vista Business for Embedded Systems
    • Windows Vista Ultimate for Embedded Systems
    • Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems
  • Windows Embedded Enterprise Operating Systems
    • Are bit-for-bit identical to their desktop OS equivalents
    • Have different licensing restrictions
    • May use OEM Activation (min qty required)
    • Have longer life cycles
  • Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems will be available through December 2016!
enterprise advantages
Enterprise Advantages ?

Advantages include:

Fastest time to market of all MS embedded OS’s

Where OS Footprint size is not an issue

Deliver exactly the same program created on your development system (PC)

Ease of integration with third-party software already compatible with standard Microsoft operating systems

Excellent security features (as can be used on Desktop OS’s)

Easy to update (eg. Microsoft’s Windows Update)

All OEM products can utilize the same operating system (OS takes care of HW differences)

Easy to install using an OEM Pre-installation Kit rather than tools suite

windows 7 for embedded systems full win7
Windows 7 For Embedded Systems (Full Win7)

Benefit Category

Top 7 Features for Embedded

7 Additional Features

Features Improved from Vista

Features Still in Windows 7


  • Windows Touch
  • BrancheCache
  • Faster Boot Time
  • Improved Power Management
  • Aero Desktop UI
  • Windows Sidebar
  • Windows Sideshow
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Multi-Lingual User Interface
  • Tablet PC Enhancements
  • Windows Search
  • ReadyBoost



  • AppLocker
  • Action Center
  • Improved UAC
  • Credential Manager
  • Bitlocker / Bitlocker To Go


  • VHD Boot
  • Virtual Windows XP
  • GDI & DirectX Blending
  • Better Driver Compatibility
  • Improved Media Support
  • Biometric Support


  • Direct Access
  • Sensor and Location Platform
  • Device Center
  • Adhoc Networking
  • VDI Remote Desktop
  • Easy Wireless Configuration
  • Bluetooth 2.1
windows 7 top 7 features for embedded
Windows 7 - Top 7 Features for Embedded

VHD Boot




Windows Touch

Sensor & Location

Virtual Windows XP


WES 2009


Next Generation of Windows XP Embedded

Windows EmbeddedStandard (WES)

what is wes 2009
What is WES 2009?
  • WES 2009 is the next version of Windows XP Embedded, which is based on the Windows XP code base
    • Runs on standard x86 PC architecture hardware
    • Standard hardware support - PnP, USB
  • Componentized(XP Pro Chopped up)
    • Over 12,000 components to flexibly build a customized device
    • Reduced Image footprint
    • Reduced RAM requirements
  • Rapid Development
    • Using Powerful toolsets for building custom devices (TD)
    • Full Win32® API, and .NET Framework support
  • Reliable
    • Built on the robust Windows XP Kernel
    • Plus …………..
embedded enabling features
Embedded Enabling Features

Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) – Sector based

File-Based Write Filter (FBWF)

USB, CD ROM & Network Boot

Headless Operation – error message capture

Hibernate Once, Resume Many (HORM) – Fast Boot

Device Update Agent

NO Activation

In addition to XP Pro ....

  • Embedded specific capabilities to increase reliability in devices :-
wes the future
WES ... The Future ..........

Windows EmbeddedStandard (WES) 2011

what is windows embedded standard 2011
What is Windows Embedded Standard 2011 ?
  • The next generation of Windows Embedded operating system based on Windows 7
  • To enable OEMs to build devices with custom Windows 7 based operating systems
    • Modularized Windows 7 features
    • Embedded enabling features
    • Localizable for many markets
  • Leverage technologies, developer and partner community of Windows 7
  • Embedded Enabling Features
windows embedded standard 2011
Hardware and bios support

32 and 64 bit (Win7 based)

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) support

Drivers for latest embedded platforms

Design goals

Minimal image size for 512 MB flash for embedded core

(Typically 1.2GB approx for Windows GUI devices)

512 MB of RAM (recommended)

Fit for embedded x86 and x64 processors

Windows Embedded Standard 2011
wizard experience build an image interactively
Wizard ExperienceBuild an image interactively


Sysprep, imagex

  • Bootable media with
    • WinPE
    • Image Builder Wizard
    • Quebec DS
  • Boot device in WinPE
    • Run IBW
    • Select drivers, features, languages
    • Logon
    • Install custom software
  • Generalize master image using Sysprep
    • Capture image into WIM using imagex
    • Deploy WIM




advanced experience build a complete custom image
Advanced ExperienceBuild a complete custom image

Image Configuration Editor (ICE)


  • Unattend.xml
    • Features
    • Drivers
    • Languages
    • OS updates
    • Custom SW
    • SMI settings

Sysprep, Imagex

Using ICE

create image



Bootable Media with:

Winpe, IBW,

Quebec DS,


  • Master device
    • Boot device using WinPE
    • Run IBW with unattend.Xml
  • Generalize image using Sysprep
    • Capture image into WIM using Imagex
    • Deploy WIM





the image building blocks
The Image Building Blocks

EEF Package

Feature Packages

Update Package

Embedded Core



Write Filter



Lang Packs/

Driver Packs

3rd Party



OS Updates

Image Build


Embedded OS

distribution share
Distribution share

Replaces Component database and repository in Windows Embedded Standard 2009

Folder containing

  • Feature sets
  • Languages
  • Drivers
  • Updates
  • OEM files and applications

Used on bootable media

Installed on developer machine

embedded core
Embedded Core

Collection of Functionality needed for

  • Booting
    • Kernel
    • Boot-critical drivers (except for SCSI adapters)
  • WinLogon, NetLogon
  • File system (NTFS, UDF)
  • Command shell
  • Servicing stack
  • Networking
  • RPC

Minimal platform for app and driver testing

Language Neutral

feature sets and packages
Feature set is an operating system functionality area

Windows Media Player

Internet Explorer

Network security

Feature set is composed of 1 or more packages

Feature Sets And Packages

Additional plug-ins to browser (hotmail, feeds, rating, administration kit)

Internet Explorer Accessories Package

Advanced rendering, graphics and multimedia

The basic browser application

Internet Explorer 8

Feature set

Internet Explorer Engine Package

Internet Explorer Basic Package

MSHTML rendering and editing

Windows Internet API

Internet Explorer Core Package

embedded enabling features22
Embedded Enabling Features

Locking Down your Device

Re-direct OS and App writes from storage to RAM:

  • Enhanced Write Filter
  • File Based Write Filter

Hardware Support

USB Boot

VHD Boot

SD Boot



EmbeddedPOSReady 2009

what is posready 2009
What is POSReady 2009 ?

Windows Embedded POSReady

  • Bootable operating system
    • Installs from CD like Windows XP
    • There is NO toolkit
  • Based on Windows XP Pro
  • Has “optional” components
  • License targeted to retail and hospitality
  • Formally Known as WEPOS

POS for .NET

  • Class library based on .NET Framework and Unified POS (UPOS) standard that allows for plug-and-play of retail peripherals
  • Included in POSReady (WEPOS)
  • Can also be licensed as a supplemental release to XP Pro and Vista
why posready
Why POSReady ?

Windows Embedded Standard (WES) 2009 (formally XP Embedded) leads to different vendors producing different devices and custom OS images with different components

Great flexibility for embedded systems

But causes POS configuration and maintenance challenges

POSReady 2009 is based on Windows XP


Microsoft selected the components and built the core OS image

Optional components can be added

wes 2009 vs posready 2009
WES 2009 vs. POSReady 2009









Install: Updates,


Apps, Etc.

WES 2009 (XPe) Setup

POSReady (WEPOS) Setup

Component Designer

Raw Image

Transfer To target

Final Image

Final Image


Windows Embedded Product Portfolio Summary

Windows Embedded CE

Windows Embedded Standard

Windows Embedded POS READY

Windows Embedded ENTERPRISE

Windows Embedded SERVER

Mobile and Smaller footprint , fully-customized single-function embedded devices

Fully-customized, single function embedded devices

Best choice for Point-of-Service devices

Fixed function systems with an embedded application