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Sydney People Mover Taxi PowerPoint Presentation
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Sydney People Mover Taxi

Sydney People Mover Taxi

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Sydney People Mover Taxi

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  1. Sydney Taxi Most Reliable Transport Company In Sydney Taxi Driver Rules Most Passengers Don’t Know About

  2. A traffic light isyour friend, but a traffic jam is your best friend. Many taxi companies use the motto “We value the passenger’s safety over the driver’s speed.“However, many dishonest taxi drivers misinterpret this rule in an attempt to earn extra cash. The driver is not allowed to start a conversation with you. All in all, most people actually enjoy talking to taxi drivers, especially about the local area, advice on places to visit, and the driver’s job. It also turns out that the weather, politics, and religion are not the best conversation topics to dive into.

  3. Drivers are fired for bad ratings. It is perfect everywhere, except in mobile taxi applications. A driver with a rating lower than 4.7 is banned. You are being rated too You can learn your rating in your settings or by asking the driver. If you are an especially difficult client and suddenly feel a wave of shame and embarrassment,

  4. The driver does not know your final destination address. Online applications request your final destination address details, but the driver only learns this information once they arrive at your meeting point. Your phone number is kept in confidentiality. Despite the fact that mobile application taxi drivers are able to contact you anytime, they do not actually have your phone number. All contact occurs through the app system.

  5. Minimal distances are a norm. Your ride may cost $3, but the driver receives $6. There is a catch: the driver may give their client a low rating if they consider the ride a walking distance. Taxi drivers may start the meter earlier. Therefore, you should be at your taxi on time: out of politeness and out of sparing your and your driver’s time. Enjoy your ride!

  6. We have a wide range of Vans from luxury SUV's to Maxi Taxi’s & Mini Buses and Wheelchair accessible for the whole family. These include the latest luxury vehicles. We are not just your standard taxi service, our vehicles and drivers offer a premium, luxury service. WWW.SYDNEYPEOPLEMOVERTAXI.COM.AU