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A Quick Guide to Food Packaging PowerPoint Presentation
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A Quick Guide to Food Packaging

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A Quick Guide to Food Packaging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sydney Gelato & Packaging represents the consolidation of a group of companies servicing the food and hospitality industry. We take pride in competitive pricing, quality products and exceptional service to ensure you never run out of stock.


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A Quick Guide to Food Packaging

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    1. A Quick Guide to Food Packaging

    2. Food packaging plays an important role in preserving the food items and keeping them fresh for extended time period. It also enables the sellers to present their products to the world in the best way possible. Food packaging comes in different shapes and sizes and is available in a variety of materials.

    3. Majority of product sellers don’t get involved in manufacturing the packages themselves and prefer food packaging wholesaler to provide them with appropriate packs, boxes, and containers.

    4. Food Packaging material options

    5. When it comes to selecting food packaging for products, you come across a huge range of materials. Below are a few most commonly used materials for food packaging:

    6. Tin or aluminum

    7. From frizzy drink cans to oil boxes, you may find many tin and aluminum made packages in the supermarket. This packaging is quite durable and long-lasting providing extended shelf life to different types of beverages and other products.

    8. 2. Glass

    9. You must have seen many glass jars on the supermarket shelves preserving sauces and creamy edibles. Glass is an effective material to keep the content protected from getting spoiled due to environmental factors. It doesn’t allow air or humidity to enter the jar and affect the taste or look of the product sealed in it.

    10. 3. Paper

    11. Paper is a great material for food packaging when it comes to sealing the dry products such as cereals, biscuits, and tea. Paper packaging is also pretty cheap and easy to handle due to lightweight.

    12. 4. Plastic

    13. Plastic is widely recommended for food packaging because it can be recycled pretty easily. This environment-friendly material is used to seal the dry as well as liquid products. From water and beverage bottles to chips packs, a lot of food packaging is done by using plastic.

    14. 5. Cardboard

    15. Another most common type of food packaging is cardboard packaging. This material is used to create cartons and small boxes to seal the dry food. Cardboard packages are also widely used to serve hot burgers and pizzas because this material keeps the items warm through insulation. While selecting food packaging, there are many factors one must consider to choose a right option. For instance:

    16. Protection

    17. Some products are quite delicate and require proper packaging for preservation. They might require air in the package to stay fresh for the extended time. Also, make sure that you choose packages with great seal options to confine the product well.

    18. 2. Temperature control

    19. Food products requiring cool temperature for preservation must have a packaging that can endure refrigeration. You may go with plastic or coated packages as they keep it up well with the moist environment of cooling systems.

    20. 3. Transportation

    21. If your products are transported in a rough manner, make sure you opt for a packaging durable enough to endure the transportation process. But if products will be transferred to stores in a more delicate way, you may opt for fragile material like glass.

    22. Food packaging plays an important role in selling and preserving the products. You just have to make sure that you get in touch with the right food packaging wholesaler according to your needs.

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