how to choose the right food packaging for your n.
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A Quick Guide to Food Packaging PowerPoint Presentation
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A Quick Guide to Food Packaging

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A Quick Guide to Food Packaging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding the right food packaging is always key to delivering products of great quality. And with so many options out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Click through this presentation to find out what things to consider when choosing the right food packaging.

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how to choose the right food packaging for your

How to Choose the

Right Food Packaging

for Your Product

the first thing is to think about how your

The first thing is to think about how your packaging is going to be used. Is it simply just to present your product to your customer? For example, you might have some chocolate boxes that you're giving out at your local store or even a market. Therefore our chocolate box range is great. However, if you need something a little bit more sturdy than you might need to go with some corrugated cardboard. For example, our food trays and catering trays are really popular with our caterers. They need to transport food around and we need to make sure that our boxes are strong enough to hold their food.

At Pack Queen, we don’t see a box for exactly what it is. When we think of a chocolate box, we don’t just say that chocolate box is for chocolates. Get creative. Chocolate boxes have been used for so many different food items. From jelly beans, to caramel slices, to fudges there are so many options, it is limitless.

While we sell pizza boxes traditionally for pizzas, but we've had caterers use them for slices,

for sandwiches there are so many options than

for sandwiches there are so many options than just a pizza. We also have some really great colours. All our food packaging comes in a wide variety of colours, so just your average pizza box all of a sudden is in a hot pink and used for a totally different purpose to just giving a pizza out.

We have a whole section on our website just dedicated to food. So head over to our website, click on the button food packaging and you'll see such a wide variety of all our different options. If we don't have it there, contact us as we are constantly adding new products to our food packaging range.

in this video


PackQueen offers their expert advice on how to select

the best packing box for your food products.

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give your food products personality

Give your food products personality.

Let our selection of top quality food packaging help you

with that. Visit our website to get started.