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Rochester Accelerated Math Program (RAMP) PowerPoint Presentation
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Rochester Accelerated Math Program (RAMP)

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Rochester Accelerated Math Program (RAMP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rochester Accelerated Math Program (RAMP). RAMP Program. Goal Provide an opportunity for students to accelerate their math instruction who are: Developmentally ready for the abstract thinking skills required in pre-algebra Possess strong math ability and skills

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Rochester Accelerated Math Program (RAMP)

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    1. Rochester Accelerated Math Program (RAMP)

    2. RAMP Program • Goal • Provide an opportunity for students to accelerate their math instruction who are: • Developmentally ready for the abstract thinking • skills required in pre-algebra • Possess strong math ability and skills • Possess strong organizational and study skills • It is the expectation that students in accelerated • math will take 4 years of math in high school

    3. RAMP Program Secondary Math Sequence Math Course Sequence

    4. RAMP Program • Overview of General Process • Test Students / Make up testing • Analyze data & place students • Placement letters mailed home • early in June • Appeal Process

    5. Placement Criteria • Student must score 5 / 10 points: • RAMP CriteriaFourth Grade MCA • Math > 470 - 1 point • Fifth Grade NWEA Scores: • Math > 90% - 1 point • Reading > 80% - 1 point • Fifth Grade CogAT: • Quantitative + Non-Verbal • > 132 - 3 points 122 > 131 - 2 points 115 > 121 - 1 point • Verbal > 117 - 1 point • Fifth Grade Orleans Hannah: • > 90% - 3 points • > 80% - 2 points • > 70% - 1 point • For students new to the Rochester School District who do not have a CogAT score, the following is required: • Orleans Hannah score > 80% • One more qualifying score ( > 90%) from a standardized math achievement test)

    6. RAMP Contract Students placed in an accelerated math class must sign and abide by a contract. The contract states that: Students must maintain a “B” average in the class and pass the quarterly benchmarks at 80% If a student is struggling, the teacher, student, and parent will conference to discuss how to help the student succeed. If the student cannot raise his/her grade with additional support, the student will be moved to the grade level class.

    7. RAMP Contract • Middle School Accelerated Math • Your student has been placed in the Middle School Accelerated Math Program for the coming school year. The Accelerated Math Program at the middle school was implemented in an effort to appropriately challenge students of varying math abilities. It is our goal to find the best blend of challenge and success for our students. • There are several requirements that must be met in order for the student to be placed in and satisfactorily complete the class and be recommended for the next level of math. • First, this contract must be signed and returned to your student’s math teacher by ______________________. • Second, the student must maintain an overall performance of 80%. This performance is based on completion of daily assignments, quizzes, and tests. Student performance will be carefully monitored and reported at mid-quarter and the end of the quarter. Students who are performing at or above the 80% level will continue in the Accelerated Math Program. Any student performing below the 80% level will have a conference with his/her teacher and parent or guardian to determine if it is in the student’s best interest to continue in the Accelerated Math Program. If the decision is made to continue with the current placement, a plan to specifically address ways to bring the student’s work up to an acceptable level will be formulated.

    8. Middle School Accelerated Math Continued • Third, the student must score a minimum of 80% on each quarterly benchmark test. • In addition, students taking Intermediate Algebra Honors or Geometry Honors in middle school will receive high school credit and their grade will go on the official high school transcript. The grades on the high school transcript are used to determine class rank. This is not an option and the grade may not be expunged. This keeps us in compliance with Minnesota State Law.

    9. Appeal Process • FIRST contact the gifted specialist at your child’s middle school • Register your student to take the test with the gifted specialist at your child’s middle school • Complete the RAMP appeal form found on the District Gifted Services website – Due by date of test • Pass the Math 6 Placement test at 80%

    10. Important Dates Orleans Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test make-up (Your student missed the test given during school in March) Friedell – June 6@ 4:00 pm John Adams - June 9 @ 1:00 pm Kellogg – June 9 @ 9:00 am Willow Creek – June 9 @ 9:00 am Early June – Placement letters mailed

    11. Important Dates Register for August Appeal Tests by June 9 with your MS Gifted Specialist, after June 9 register with Cindy Martenson( RAMP Appeal Form due by date of test Math 6 Appeal Test August 19 @ 9:00 am or 1:00 pm Edison Parents will be notified of the results before school starts.

    12. For More Information Please contact: